Which fell to the bottom after falling into a swamp of “no wins” since the season’s opening, will bring “no losses” Ulsan HD home.

Daejeon Hana Citizen and Ulsan HD will face off in the fifth round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” to be held at 7:30 p.m. on the 2nd at Daejeon World Cup Stadium. The home team Daejeon is currently ranked 12th in the league with two draws and two losses, and Ulsan is ranked third in the league with two wins, two draws and eight points. The two teams, which are facing extreme situations this season, are now foreshadowing a match unless they can back down in a tight schedule.

In total, the two teams met 63 times and were completely overwhelmed with 32 wins, 19 draws and 12 losses based on Ulsan, but last year, Daejeon laughed. Last year, Daejeon had the upper hand with one win and two draws in three games.

The beginning of the season of Daejeon, which was disappointing after the opening

Daejeon had high expectations for the 2024 season, but started off poorly. Daejeon, which perfectly announced its return to the K-League 1 for the first time in eight years last year, achieved better-than-expected performance by ranking second in the league with 56 points and remaining stable under coach Lee Min-seong. Since then, the team has prepared for the season by absorbing bold resources such as Lee Soon-min, Kim Joon-bum, Park Jin-seong, Hong Jeong-woon, Kim Seung-dae, Hosa, Mrapa and Lee Jung-taek through the winter transfer market, but has failed to record a win since the opening of the season.

Daejeon, which left Jeonju in the first round, gained momentum by scoring the first goal against Jeonbuk Hyundai, but ended up with a disappointing 1-1 draw, allowing a run at the end of the second half. Daejeon, which left for an away match in Jeju afterwards, scored a shocking three runs, which tasted bitter after losing its first game of the season. Daejeon also swallowed its disappointment in the last league game before the A-match break. Daejeon, which brought Gangwon home, had a 1-1 draw as Mrapa completed a dramatic equalizer after the first goal.

After the break, which had been hoped for a twist, the team hoped for victory but ended up losing. Daejeon, which left Incheon, lost 0-2 as Gerso and Lee Jung-taek scored their own goals. Despite the disappointing loss, Daejeon, which faced a bad news such as ‘main gun’ Guterte, also collapsed due to injury, is now at the bottom of the league. Daejeon, which played this season with the goal of advancing to the Asian Champions League stage in the 2024 season, is facing a critical moment at the beginning of the season.

Ulsan is still strong after the opening

Ulsan has had a fantastic start to the season as it dominated the league by winning two consecutive K-League titles. Ulsan has been on an unbeaten streak since the opening of the season under the leadership of Hong Myung-bo. Ulsan, which had prepared for the season by absorbing proven veteran resources such as Kim Min-woo, Hwang Seok-ho, Ko Seung-bum and Shim Sang-min through the winter transfer market, began to show an upward curve from the beginning of the season.

Ulsan, which announced its official start of the 2024 season starting with the match against the round of 16 in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League, made its way to the quarterfinals by catching Gofu Banpo (Japan) twice in a row and successfully advanced to the semifinals by recording one win and one draw in the match against Jeonbuk in the quarterfinals. Ulsan, which announced the dignity of the tiger in Asia, continued its league. Ulsan, which made a good start with a 1-0 victory over the “enemy” Pohang, continued its unbeaten streak with a 2-3 win at Gimcheon and a 3-3 win at home after a slugfest against Incheon.

Even after the A-match break, Ulsan did not think of the word “loss.” Ulsan, which had a tricky away match against Jeonbuk, took the lead by scoring consecutive points in the first half, but allowed consecutive points to Jeonbuk’s Lee Dong-joon and Moon Seon-min, resulting in a disappointing 2-2 draw. It was encouraging to have one point in an away match against Jeonbuk, but it was regrettable that it had two consecutive draws in the league.

Daejeon-Ulsan in Need of Victory, Key Is ‘Attack’

Ulsan, which had no win in Daejeon last year and crumpled its pride, is pinning its hopes on the toes of Lee Dong-kyung, the “mad left foot.” Lee Dong-kyung, who boasts a crazy sense by scoring four goals and two assists at the end of the league’s fourth round, will challenge to reach a four-game scoring streak through the match against Daejeon. In addition, national strikers Joo Min-kyu and Kim Ji-hyun and Martin Adam (Hungary), who scored goals in the last game, are on standby, and side vandal Eom Won-sang is also ready to play after being injured.

Against this backdrop, Daejeon is pinning its hopes on the toes of newbie “Duo.” With Latvia’s top-flight Gutek, who scored a fantastic goal in the opening match, uncertainty is expected to play in the game due to injury, the new Brazilian top-rated Hosa and Mrapa, a former Togo national team member, desperately need to play well. Hosa and Mrapa, who each stepped on Korean soil ahead of this season, have scored one goal each against Jeju and Gangwon, showing a smooth adjustment period. In addition, speed racers Kim In-gyun and Ulsan’s “killer” Kim Seung-dae are waiting for Daejeon to be dispatched, and Lee Soon-min’s sense of toe, who is active as captain, is also drawing keen attention.

As of the end of the fourth round, Ulsan has exploded nine goals, demonstrating its strong attack power. Although it fell to third place behind Gimcheon and Pohang, it has shown an upward curve as the team that scored first in the league last year. On the other hand, Daejeon has not been able to show off its destructive attack power in the league last year. With three points in four games, Daejeon is showing the lowest level of attack power in the league. In order to win the match against Ulsan, Daejeon must maximize the sense of attack it has lost.

Daejeon, which needs a change of atmosphere, and Ulsan, which wants to continue its upward trend, met. If Daejeon loses this match, it will not only fail to escape from the bottom but also fall into the mire of its first consecutive defeat of the season, while Ulsan will take the title of first defeat in the official match of the season. Who will be the smiling team in the face-off between “no win” Daejeon and “no loss” Ulsan? Let’s take note of their showdowns at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium.


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