“We plan to decide whether to go to China after hearing the conditions”

The Wuhan Sanjeon is ranked seventh in this season’s Super League. After breaking up with Japanese coach Tsutomu Takahata, he searched for a Korean coach, and Nam, who is currently a wild man, is on the radar.

Nam stepped down as the head coach of Jeju in September. He studied soccer in Europe and is now looking for his next move in Korea.

Manager Nam is already recognized as a proven leader in Korea. He was promoted to Gwangju FC, Seongnam FC and Jeju FC three times, earning him the nickname “promotion contractor.” Since starting as an acting coach in Gwangju in 2013, Nam has been recognized for his leadership in the K-League as he spent almost 10 years as a coach.

Recently, the Chinese Super League is drawing attention to Korean coaches again. Shandong Taishan coach Choi Kang-hee and Seo Jeong-won, Chengdu, and Longcheng are accompanying Korean leaders. Shandong ranked second in the league and Chengdu ranked fourth, respectively, as both teams that used Korean coaches performed well.

Shanghai Haigang, the winner of this season’s championship, also moved quickly to appoint Kim Ki-dong, who recently moved to FC Seoul. However, Kim decided to move to Seoul in the K-League 1 rather than China and take on a new challenge. Seoul offered the highest annual salary among Korean leaders in order to appoint Kim, and even accepted various proposals that Kim demanded.

All the leaders who pay attention to the Chinese Super League have something in common that they have made distinct achievements in Korea. It can be said that Nam is also receiving China’s attention in the same context.메이저사이트

If Nam takes the helm of Wuhan, he will compete in good faith with the two Korean coaches, Choi Kang-hee and Seo Jung-won.

However, it is not yet known whether Nam will confirm his trip to Wuhan. An official said, “Coach Nam is also interested in overseas expansion, but it seems that he cannot help but think about the characteristics of China. We are also considering continuing the challenge in Korea because variables and risks can occur to some extent.”

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