“Referendum? I think it’s possible.” Director Wi Sung-woo of Woori Bank was calm

Woori Bank director Wi Sung-woo’s interview before the game

We have one win left before we win?
“I want to finish the game, but is it up to my standards?” The players have worked hard to lead the game. However, I said, “Let’s not think about winning the game but do it to win the game.” You have to do it to win the game, not to win the game. When I watched the regular season league, I thought it was difficult for KB Stars. As the players have been doing well through the playoffs, I have been in the advantageous line so far.

KB Stars asked for a referee’s briefing.
I think it’s possible. Shouldn’t the opponent be multiple times? I personally don’t care. To win a coach position, you have to do something. It’s enough. We have to overcome it to win the championship.

Park Jisoo’s defense?
It can’t be said that the referee’s briefing session does not discourage him. (Kim) Danbi is advised to adjust the intensity of the foul and how much he is called. Just because a foul is called, he has to defend himself. He only told Danbi two or three things in detail. In fact, there is nothing big to come out of after the first and second games. The players have to be nice to him.

Park Jihyun’s poor performance in the 2nd and 3rd rounds?
“I just talked about it. Please do your best as much as you can.” (Park) Ji-hyun said, “I think I am eating my experiences. Up until last season, I played a supporting role for them. They played their part from the playoff this season. I don’t mean that I can say that I have high expectations. I think I will concentrate on playing.

An interview before KB Stars coach Kim Wan-soo’s game

How have you been since losing Game 3?
I took a break yesterday (on the 29th). I had been exhausted so far, so I rested and let them go out. And I came out to play after matching things that I couldn’t do this morning (on the 30th).

Request for a referee’s briefing?
We are on the brink of a precipice. I never meant to think negatively of the referees or slander the opposing team. It is because of the psychological part that is playing a role in the team and to give players a sense of stability. We decided that we should not leave any regrets, so we asked for a briefing session on referees. 안전 토토사이트

We have to break through the opponent’s trap defense?
The rest of the players are good at keeping track of the players. After all, the key is whether a single shot explodes. In the third game, Woori also scored two or three shots, and we didn’t break a single shot in the third and fourth quarters. We did what we had to do. If we throw the ball confidently from the outside, I think we can have a good game.

Poor Kang Seul-seul?
(Kang) I have seen Lee Seul-yi for a long time and know her well. She will burst in the third game because she didn’t burst in the second game. When I watched the last game, I lacked patterns or screens for Lee Seul. The matchup was (Park) Hye-jin, but she didn’t enter the assist defense. So I’m going to see an attack derived from Lee Seul. In the end, Lee Seul has to overcome it.

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