2023 K-League Financial Soundness System, which was implemented for the first time this year

Through this, the federation and accountants of each club freely discussed, questioned and answered, and formed a consensus. 토토사이트

In the first training, Yang Yoo-seok, an accountant at Samil Accounting Firm, introduced the “Financial Soundness System for Overseas League and Other Professional Sports,” and in the second training, Baek In-jung, an accountant at Induk Accounting Firm, gave a lecture on the theme of “Gilajeong, a subsidiary project to enhance reliability.”

In particular, many club officials who attended the accounting process said that it helped them understand the current financial situation of K-League clubs by comparing sales and costs of overseas leagues and other professional sports salary caps, and each league.

The federation said, “We plan to improve the capabilities of K-League club officials through lectures and sharing cases related to club accounting practices in the future.”

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