“You have to have sexual experience to get good high notes, and that’s how you can go to college.”

It was confirmed on the 26th that the Women’s and Children’s Crime Investigation Department of the Seoul Northern District Prosecutors’ Office (Chief Prosecutor Koo Mi-ok) indicted a vocalist and entrance exam instructor without detention on charges of repeated sexual violence against a student during a vocal entrance examination class on the 7th (forced molestation and similar rape). A is suspected of forcibly harassing a student B for about six months from July 2013.

According to the victim’s statement, A’s forced harassment was repeated in every class. At first, he touched his chest and back, saying, “I need to check my chest echo.” Since then, as the CSAT and practical tests approached, A’s harassment became more explicit, the victim said. “I want to tell you the sexual sensitivity. I want to touch it myself once,” or when B refused, “I keep falling into college because I don’t know where to give strength. The song does not increase,” and gaslighted him, eventually committing similar rape by power.

“At that time, the lecturer was like a Dong-A line, desperate to go to a university. Moreover, he could not fully exercise his right to sexual self-determination due to the strict hierarchy and closed nature of the vocal music industry,” B told the JoongAng Ilbo. “I finally summoned the courage to sue him, believing that he should be punished.” The statute of limitations for sexual crimes, including sexual harassment and similar rape, is 10 years.

It is known that there are as many as five victims who complain of damage from A. C, who was a student of A, also filed a complaint with the Seongbuk Police Station in Seoul in June, claiming that he suffered forced harassment, similar rape and rape about 20 times over the past four years from 2011 to 2014. According to the complaint, A raped C about 20 times in October 2013, when he/she was less than a month away from the CSAT, saying, “You have to have sex so that you can concentrate better and sing better.” All classes are 1:1 and they took place in a private classroom space completely blocked from the outside due to soundproof walls.

C said, “I took down the blinds and locked all the doors, but I thought I might be killed if I refused.” C said, “At that time, as an examinee, there was pressure on the entrance examination, and because A’s wife is a famous vocal music professor, it was difficult to think of legal action because I was afraid of the disadvantage of the entrance examination if it was wrong for A.”

However, the Northern District Prosecutors’ Office did not indict the accused on the 17th, saying, “It is difficult to say that the complainant was in an impossible or remarkably difficult condition to protest, and there is no evidence to admit the suspect.” The victim will appeal to the prosecution soon.

The victims are still living in pain nearly 10 years later. Both B and C gave up their dream of becoming singers after suffering from sexual violence. Even after entering the university’s vocal music department, B decided to drop out in the second year of the university, fearing that he would constantly get entangled with A and that rumors would go wrong in the music industry. C, who complained of rape damage, received obstetrics and gynecology treatment for pain while taking classes from A, and since 2016, he has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and has been hospitalized and treated in a mental hospital protection ward. 안전놀이터

A was once a singer from a famous opera company, one of the five major opera companies in Korea. D, a famous soprano and professor of vocal music, was famous as a couple in the vocal music department. This newspaper contacted A several times to hear his objection, but it was not connected.

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