“You filthy Tottenham bastards, you burglars and sheepXX, I’m suing you!”

“Tottenham acted like robbers on the street”

“Tottenham Hotspur have been accused of taking advantage of the civil war in Ukraine by Serhiy Palkin, the CEO of Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk,” global media outlet Football 365 reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the reason for Mr. Falkin’s anger at Tottenham is Israeli winger Manor Solomon. Solomon left Shakhtar for Spurs last summer, joining as a free agent, and Shakhtar did not receive a penny of his transfer fee.

According to ESPN, Solomon joined Spurs as a free agent, taking advantage of a FIFA ruling that allowed foreign players on clubs in Russia and Ukraine to unilaterally terminate their contracts during the war between the two countries.

When Solomon left the club for free, Shakhtar was furious. Solomon had performed well for Fulham in the 2022-2023 season, and his market value was estimated at around €20 million, so he was furious that he didn’t get a penny of the transfer fee.

Despite the lack of a legal issue, Tottenham had been in talks with Shakhtar since October last year over whether to compensate them for signing Solomon as a free agent, but the talks ultimately broke down as no agreement was reached. Tottenham even donated the proceeds from a friendly against Shakhtar in July of last year during the summer pre-season to the club’s community foundation, but Shakhtar’s anger remains unresolved.

“I feel very sorry for Tottenham,” Falkin told the Telegraph. “I can’t believe a club with such a great history can behave like this,” he said, adding, “From my point of view, it’s unacceptable. Tottenham took advantage of the war,” he claimed.

“I can understand if it was a very small club in Europe with a small budget, but Tottenham? How is this possible?” he added, criticizing the European giants for not paying the transfer fee.

According to the media, Shakhtar demanded that 먹튀검증 Tottenham pay 30 to 40 percent of the transfer fee in the event of a future sale of Solomon, but Spurs responded that they could only pay a maximum of 10 percent.

“It’s not polite to give us 10% (of the transfer fee),” Palkin said of Tottenham’s response, noting that “they behave like robbers on the street, not like a football family.”

“We have suspended all negotiations with Tottenham,” he said, adding, “We are now focusing on the lawsuit against Lyon, and we will decide what action to take against Tottenham after we see the outcome.”

Brazilian winger Tete is in a similar situation to Solomon at Shakhtar, having taken advantage of FIFA rules to move to French Ligue 1 side Olympique Lyonnais on loan before being sold to Turkkiye Galatasaray last year. Shakhtar have since been involved in a legal dispute with Lyon over Tete.

After criticizing Tottenham and Lyon, CEO Falkin went on to mention Spanish La Liga powerhouse 카지노사이트 추천 Real Madrid. He compared Real to Tottenham as being very gentlemanly.

“We had Vinicius Tobias, who now plays for Real Madrid, and Macon from Corinthians,” he explained. “Real and Corinthians wanted to take our players, but they came to us and said, ‘You can take them for free, but we don’t want to play this dirty game,’” he said.

“Then they offered to pay us a loan fee. Real paid for two years after signing our players, and so did Corinthians,” he continued, ‘Do you see the difference between Real and Tottenham? How did Real’s management behave, and how did Tottenham behave?’ He never stopped criticizing Spurs.

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