XGOLF announced on the 29th that it will start its shorts round campaign from the 31st.

The “Shorts Campaign” is a campaign that XGOLF has been conducting since 2014 for a cool and enjoyable round of golf, breaking away from stereotypes about dress codes at golf courses that require wearing long pants.토토사이트 추천

In order to spread the shorts campaign, XGOLF prepared a variety of products, from swing analyzers to cool bingsu perfect for summer, for members who write reviews after a round of shorts.

Golf courses where shorts can be rounded can be found on the XGOLF app with the “Shorts icon.”

An XGOLF official said, “I hope this campaign will be an opportunity to cool off the heat of the summer round a little bit,” adding, “I hope you will also participate in the comment campaign and receive various gifts.”

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