Wright entertained his social media followers by showing him wearing lingerie.

Wright, who has 325,000 social media followers, was kicked out of England’s Charlton Athletic team in 2020 over a video of him messing around at a party.

What Wright, who was kicked out of the soccer player, found is an only fan site. It is a place where women show dense photos to paid subscribers.

Wright is said to have earned more than 500,000 pounds a year, or about 830 million won, as a sensational model. She becomes a subscriber by paying £24 a month. Despite her income, she returned to soccer to pursue her dream of becoming a soccer player.

Wright returned to contract football with Leighton Orient ahead of the season’s opening. And Wright led his team to a 4-2 victory over Chess Hunt in the FA Cup in September. It was his first goal since his transfer.

Soccer fans started to hear word of mouth about Leighton Orient Women’s right player. More and more soccer fans are visiting the website. Clubs seem to like it, too.

The club made a plaque with her photo titled “Light Goal” and released it on social media. The photo attracted more than 13,000 likes. It was a big hit.

That’s why the club is allowing Wright to take a side job. As long as it doesn’t interfere with his career, it’s his personal life.

Against this backdrop, Wright recently posted a photo of herself wearing a famous female lingerie brand on the 8th local time. The photo was captioned “Happy Friday.” 안전놀이터

Of course, fans love the photos of Wright’s private lives. “It’s chic and undeniably shimmering. The ensemble really complements the sophisticated atmosphere of the room,” he wrote about the lingerie photos.

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