World Cup could be the biggest gambling event in history.

“World Cup: Prospects of Russian Betting” conference will serve as a platform to discuss issues facing customers with Russian bookmakers and to consider and address key challenges that could affect Better’s gaming experience if they are not addressed in advance. Speakers at the conference will also deal with the opportunities and possibilities that the event will hold for bookmakers.

The Elite International Football Tournament is held only once every four years, and the 21st quadrennial tournament is held in Russia through the final at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. A total of 64 events will be held during the event, making it one of the most important sporting events of the decade. The Russian government has spent more than 638 billion rubles ($10.8 billion) to fund infrastructure, stadiums and other improvements.

Various industry experts, including lawyers, digital marketing experts, responsible gambling practitioners, advertising consultants, reputation managers, and others, will speak and participate in important roundtable discussions at the end of the event. Online participants will be encouraged to ask questions to experts.

Participation in the conference is not charged, but admission numbers are limited. Readers are invited to stay ahead and follow as industry experts prepare for the world’s most important football tournament and formulate strategies to maximize betting opportunities for their customers. Now plan to attend the conference comfortably through your office, home or mobile device. 릴게임

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