Women’s Handball Confirmed to Participate in the Paris Olympics

Korean women’s handball which created the legend of ‘Woo Saeng-soon

won a ticket to participate in the 11th consecutive Olympics.

In the final round of Asian qualifiers for next year’s Paris Olympics against Korea and Japan

our national team achieved a thrilling victory by one point.

In the early stages of the game

the national team was blocked by the home team Japan’s offensive

which put a solid team at the forefront.

They failed to score a single goal as the 5 minutes went by and they trailed 5-0.

The first goal was Kim Bo-eun’s goal at 5 minutes and 45 seconds after operation time.

The atmosphere that had been dragged all the way changed little by little after the middle of the first half when the youngest Kim Min-seo entered.

Kim Bo-eun and Kang Kyung-min alternately shook the net and finished 먹튀검증사이트 the first half with a one-point lead.

In the second half

it was a close game of chasing after one point.

At the end of the game

our national team calmed down a bit

and Shin Eun-ju in the 27th minute and Ryu Eun-hee in the 29th minute succeeded in scoring in turn, giving Japan a thrilling victory by one point.

After finishing the tournament with 4 consecutive victories

our national team decided to go to Paris next year

completing the splendid feat of participating in the 11th consecutive Olympics since the LA Games in 1984.

Team coach: Only really strong countries appear in the Olympics but we still have one year left. It means that we have time to develop.

Kang Kyung-min / Tournament MVP: I heard that I couldn’t properly show Korea’s original play in Tokyo, and there were some games I was disappointed with.

We will do our best.

Our national team

which confirmed its competitiveness while working with Swedish coach Signel

who took the helm last April

will go on a hunt for the 8th gold medal in the Hangzhou Asian Games next month.

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