Although they didn’t make the cut for the MBN Women’s Sports Awards on May 5, there is a female quintet that has been making waves this year. They are the Gyeonggi-do Women’s Curling Team ‘5G’ (skip Kim Eun-ji, third Kim Min-ji, second Kim Soo-ji, lead Seol Ye-eun, and candidate Seol Ye-ji).After defeating Gangneung City Hall’s Team Kim in June of this year to reclaim the Taegeuk mark for the fourth time in four seasons, 5G had a warm second half of the season on the cold ice.

After winning the Pan-Continental Championship in Canada on the 4th of last month (local time), 5G reached the top of the ‘National’ Grand Slam tournament on the 12th. The Grand Slam tournament refers to six international tournaments with high prize money and participation levels. It includes four major tournaments: the Masters, the U.S. Open, the Canadian Open and the Players Championship.5G is the first Korean team to win both a Grand Slam and a major tournament. With the national title, 5G became the 무료슬롯게임 No. 2 ranked women’s curling team in the world.

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