“Wolverhampton and Hwang Hee-chan signed a new contract,” transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said on his SNS on the 13th

The new contract is valid until June 2028 and includes additional extension options. “The new contract will put Hwang Hee-chan at the same level as the highest-paid players in the club.”

According to Sportscrack, Wolverhampton’s highest-paid player is Pablo Sarabia, a team striker who earns 4.68 million pounds (about 7.7 billion won). Defender Nelsson Semedo and forward Fabio Silva are receiving 41.6% of the total. Hwang Hee-chan’s salary is also expected to be around this level.

Korean striker Hwang Hee-chan is also one of the best players in the Premier League, where world-class players are playing. He played in 16 league matches this season, scoring eight goals and two assists. He ranked fifth in the league in terms of scoring, and even competed for the top scorer. He is on par with England striker Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa, eight goals), and is also chasing after Tottenham Hotspur, who ranks third in goal tally.

Until now, Hwang had not been able to display his skills due to frequent injuries. In the 2021-2022 season, he scored five goals in 30 league matches (ten starts) as a single Premier League player. Last season, he played in 27 league matches, but only made 12 starts. He also scored only three goals. However, he has displayed good health this season and scored a stormy score. He has scored eight goals in the past two seasons, although he has not finished halfway through the season.

Earlier, Hwang Hee-chan played for RB Leipzig after passing through Red Bull Salzburg (Austria) and Hamburg (Germany). He wore the Wolverhampton uniform in 2021. He signed a five-year contract at the time and still has about three years left on his contract, but as Hwang Hee-chan showed excellent performance this season, Wolverhampton actively moved. This means that he is satisfied with Hwang Hee-chan’s performance and tries to protect him somehow. Recently, rumors of a transfer have been rising little by little, with Hwang Hee-chan being linked to Arsenal, the favorite to win the Premier League. However, Wolverhampton blocked other teams’ interest through this contract renewal.

Citing Romano’s report, the British sports mall also noted the news of Hwang Hee-chan’s contract renewal. “Hwang Hee-chan might have received attention in January or next summer if he failed to renew his contract,” it also analyzed. Hwang Hee-chan is also enjoying the love of his fans. He also won the October Player of the Month award selected by Wolverhampton fans. He also beat Pedro Neto, who drove in seven assists, and Craig Dawson, the team’s defense key. Earlier, Wolverhampton coach Gary O’Neill praised Hwang Hee-chan greatly for his performance this season, praising him as “a key player in the team.”

The scene of Hwang Hee-chan’s goal in the 10th round match against Newcastle was fantastic. He was nominated for the Premier League’s goal in October. Pretending to hit a shot in the penalty box, he relieved the opponent’s pressure, and shook the net with a calm shot.

Hwang Hee-chan also scored a great goal in the 15th round against Burnley, leading his team to a 1-0 victory. He was in a good position to avoid the eyes of the opposing defenders and was not excited even though he had a goal chance. Hwang Hee-chan did not hit right away but shot half-time slowly, and because of this brief movement, the opposing defender and goalkeeper were completely deceived and could not prevent the attack.

Michael Owen, a legend from the Ballon d’Or at the time, also admired Hwang Hee-chan’s goal. According to the Molineux News of England, Owen said, “If Hwang Hee-chan had kicked the shot quickly, it would have been blocked. I was able to score a goal thanks to a brief wait. I like Hwang Hee-chan’s play in front of the net. He is always in the right position, and rarely misses a chance. He also scores big chances well.” Ashley Williams, another legendary soccer analyst, also praised Hwang Hee-chan’s goal, saying, “It was a smart finish.” 토토사이트 순위

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