Why were the Dodgers excited?

There was a bigger reason than money for Shohei Ohtani (28) to choose the LA Dodgers.

On the 10th (Korean time), Ohtani directly announced the fact that he had agreed to a contract with the Dodgers on his social media. The day before, there was an uproar as rumors of a contract with the Toronto Blue Jays emerged, but the very next day, Ohtani personally announced that he was going to the Dodgers. He signed a 10-year, $700 million contract with the Dodgers, the highest contract in professional sports history.

According to ‘Sports Illustrated’, Ohtani visited Dodger Stadium on the 2nd and had a meeting with the Dodgers team. At this meeting, Ohtani asked questions about the Dodgers’ player development philosophy and the current status of the minor league system.

Ohtani expressed interest in the farm system necessary for the team’s continued success, and the Dodgers, who ranked 6th in the farm system according to MLB.com, were confident in recruiting Ohtani. The Dodgers had a comparative advantage in that their rival, Toronto, ranked 25th.

A high-ranking Dodgers official said, “It was refreshing. Otani thought comfort was more important than earning even a penny until the end. 카지노사이트 He didn’t value the top contract as money. He saw how many playoff appearances he could make over the next decade. “In that respect, we had a clear advantage over Toronto.”

Although he signed the highest contract in history, ironically, Otani gave up his greed for money.

He first proposed the ‘dipper’ condition in which part of the annual salary is paid after the contract period. Through Dipper, the club can reduce immediate expenses and lower the annual salary reflected in the luxury tax, thereby providing liquidity in the payroll. Considering the rate of inflation, the conditions are unfavorable to the player, but Ohtani’s concessions have eased the burden on the Dodgers. He is on a contract worth $70 million per year, but is expected to receive an average of $50 million per year during the contract period.

After meeting Ohtani, the Dodgers gained confidence. On the 9th, there was confusion after misinformation emerged that Ohtani had boarded a plane heading to Toronto to sign a contract with Toronto, and Dodgers management was also nervous enough to hold an internal meeting. However, a Dodgers official described the atmosphere of the meeting, saying, “It wasn’t a comfortable feeling, but we just didn’t know the situation.” In the end, it turned out to be false information, and Ohtani’s mind was already leaning toward the Dodgers.

After meeting Ohtani, the Dodgers fell in love with his charm. In addition to asking the Dodgers about their minor league system at the time, Ohtani also talked about how much he loves baseball. What his fellow players said was true: he had two hobbies: baseball and baseball training.

“We were shocked,” said a Dodgers executive.

It was fresh. Because of his great love for baseball, he looked much younger than his age. We wanted to know what motivates him, and we found out that it was something very simple: ‘To play baseball.’ Some people want to be CEOs or brands, but Otani was really refreshing in that respect. “As I came out of the meeting, I felt even more strongly that I should sign with Ohtani,” he said.

Ohtani underwent elbow surgery after the season and will not be able to pitch as a pitcher next year, but the Dodgers are hoping for him to return as a pitcher in 2025. Additionally, from a business perspective, Otani was highly praised for being the only player with an international brand. This was the reason why Dodgers Chairman Mark Walter, who is also the co-owner, decided to go ‘all in’ with Ohtani. A Dodgers source said, “Walter understands the economic impact. “The Dodgers are an international brand, 스포츠토토사이트 and they have become a bigger brand today than yesterday,” he said, expressing the effect of recruiting Ohtani.

“There is only one player like this in his life,” the Dodgers executive said. “Given one chance to sign Ohtani, he must do his best.” Another executive said, “There are very few true global superstars in sports. “He is the only one in baseball,” he said, emphasizing Ohtani’s value.

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