Why Dodgers and Ohtani are sensitive to reports of their newlyweds home

Hyundai Business, a Japanese media outlet, reported on the 12th that the Dodgers has frozen the coverage of two broadcasting companies, Nippon TV and Fuji TV. This means that the pass for coverage has been suspended. “Otani’s management company has also banned the broadcasting of past footage (related to their new home),” it said.

Other media outlets followed suit. “In the words of a local sports journalist, I heard that reporters with cameras appeared around the new mansion day after day and helicopters were flown in the sky. The residents might have felt uncomfortable or anxious,” he said.

U.S. media outlets such as Dodger Nation and Sports Illustrated also covered the news. “Otani and the Dodgers agreed that such coverage would be a privacy violation and could endanger players and their families, and have decided to take (suspension) measures.”

Japanese fans have been criticizing Japanese fans through SNS and comments. Many Japanese fans show such irresponsible attitude as a broadcaster who is obsessed with viewership ratings, “It’s too much to fly a helicopter over your newlywed house,” and “Stop bullying Otani and his wife.”

Various media outlets expressed their concerns. JB Press quoted a university professor as saying, “We are living in an era when the public’s interest is increasing away from existing newspapers and broadcasting stations. Nevertheless, their attitude toward covering news does not meet the demands of readers and viewers.” The Nihon Keizai Shimbun also pointed out in an online column that “too light awareness and access to privacy are the problem.”

The issue is safety. The Ohtani couple are celebrities. The location of the house has already been disclosed in detail. Concerns about dangerous situations increase if detailed information such as aerial photography is added to this.

In California, especially in LA, security issues have been treated as an important political and social issue for many years. This means that you have faced a serious situation. Shopping malls and stores are frequently mobbed. It takes place in the form of a flash mob and is also recognized as a play culture of some classes.
In addition, targeted crimes against famous people’s residences are also prevalent. Overseas theft squads targeting them often appear. Sports stars such as Ohtani are especially vulnerable. This is because all detailed schedules are exposed. Everyone knows when and where the games are. In addition, Asians living in the U.S. are good targets for criminals. It is because of the perception that they have a lot of cash.

In fact, there were four Dodgers players who suffered theft damage last year alone. Freddie Freeman was robbed once in July, Max Muncy in August, and Evan Phillips in October. Miguel Rojas robbed a parked car while dining out.

Among them, the Muncy incident came out in relatively detail in the media. It was during the home game. After it was over, an alarm popped up on my smartphone on the way home from Dodger Stadium in a car with my family. The remote alarm device installed in the house was activated. I checked two intruders on the screen. I immediately reported it, but the police dispatch was after all the suspects disappeared.토토사이트 추천

Phillips was in the playoff stages. He was reported to have lost 10,000 U.S. dollars worth of goods during an away game in Arizona. His family was shocked and his wife was saddened that his valuables from the wedding ceremony disappeared.

Suspects in the mentioned cases have not been arrested, and they are still known to be pending.

Yasiel Puig is famous for having suffered as many as four thefts during his six years with the Dodgers. Most of them happened when he went on an expedition to another area. It is possible to speculate that the suspects targeted empty houses.

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