Who is starting anew with an internal free agent (FA) contract.

Heo Kyung-min attended the 2023 Magumagu Real Glove Awards held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 1st and was selected as the best third baseman (third baseman of the year) by his colleagues. Earlier, he stood on the podium as a team captain at a place where he gave prizes to Futures League players.

He mentioned to Huh Kyung-min, whom he met after the event, about the team’s main first baseman Yang Seok-hwan, who was signed the day before (November 30). Yang Seok-hwan, who was qualified as an FA, was considered the biggest fielder this season, and he signed a contract with Doosan for a period of 4+2 years (mutual option) of up to 7.8 billion won.

Huh Kyung-min said, “I talked on the phone the day before the contract (November 29). (Yang) Seok-hwan laughed. I thought, “I think something good will happen,” he said. Heo Kyung-min, who joked, “I hope Seok-hwan listens better now,” said, “Seok-hwan said, ‘Without me, the older members will be bored.’ In addition to the number (record), he is a player who shows good performance. I think it went well,” he said.

After the end of this season, Huh Kyung-min told Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop his intention to return the captaincy. Yang Seok-hwan is emerging as the next captain. In response, Huh Kyung-min, who will be a “full-time” said, “It won’t be easy to get the captain in the first season of the contract, but I think he will do well because he is Yang Seok-hwan.”메이저사이트

In December 2020, Huh Kyung-min, who signed a seven-year FA contract with Doosan (maximum KRW 8.5 billion), said, “I did well (in 2021, the first season of the contract), and I don’t have any good memories because I didn’t like it at the end,” when asked to give Yang Seok-hwan know-how to spend the first season of the most important contract (Yang Seok-hwan is 2024). “I know Seok-hwan will aim to achieve 30 home runs and 100 RBIs, but I hope he will do it.” He didn’t forget to say, “I will help you from the side and make you enjoy playing baseball.”

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