Who is also looking forward to “captain” SON, returns the waist of the “K League-Super League MVP” golden 92 line

Son Joon-ho, who played for Shandong Taishan in the Chinese Super League, was arrested on May 15 last year while trying to return home through Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai. Son Joon-ho, who had been under investigation for the “crime of accepting non-state operatives” who had since been criminally detained by the public security bureau in Chaoyang, Liaoning Province, returned to Korea on the 25th after about 10 months.

The crime of accepting non-state operatives applies to cases where a person belonging to a company or other unit, not a government agency, illegally receives other people’s property by using his or her job convenience. In the end, Son Joon-ho seems to have been investigated for bribery, not related to the match-fixing that first hit Shandong Taishan

Son returned to Korea safely on the 25th. The Korea Football Association announced on the 25th that Son Jun-ho, who was arrested in China for accepting bribes in May last year, was released and returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport on the 25th.

Son Joon-ho, who returned safely, announced on his social media on the 27th that he was resting with his family, saying, “I feel grateful to be able to return safely and enjoy my normal daily life.”

In 2024, Korean soccer had only bad news one after another. Lee Kang-in and Son Heung-min argued ahead of the Asian Cup semifinal match, and an employee who caused a noise over the national team’s uniform at the Asian Cup was relieved of his position. In addition to Jurgen Klinsmann’s replacement, there was a confusing situation.

With only bad news coming out in many ways, Son’s return was a welcome news for the first time in a long time. In a press conference in the fourth round against Thailand, Lee Jae-seong said, “I am grateful for the good news before the game. We don’t know in detail what happened to Jun-ho, but all the players prayed. I will root for and support (Jun-ho) to play his favorite soccer as soon as possible.”

Along with Lee Jae-sung, Kim Jin-soo and Son Heung-min, who are 92 lines, cheered up. When the news of Son Joon-ho’s return was announced, the line players, who were born in 1992, united as one. Son Heung-min and Lee Jae-sung scored goals against Thailand, leading to a 3-0 victory, celebrating Son Joon-ho’s safe return.

Kim Jin-soo met at the mixed zone after the match against Thailand and said, “I’m grateful if you saw me that way. I’m glad that I won the match that I wanted. It was a source of support for so many Korean fans to come,” adding, “The news yesterday reminded me a lot. Whatever the reason, I heard that he came back healthy, so I shed tears. I want to meet Jun-ho as soon as possible.”

Captain Son Heung-min reportedly had a telephone conversation with Son the day before the match. “I really waited (for Son Jun-ho). I hope the day comes when I can watch the situation a little longer and talk to him. This is news that I have been waiting for a long time. Jun-ho will also think that he needs a little more time,” he said, hoping for his friend’s return.

Son’s return will likely be a great help to Korea as well. The return of Son, who is the mainstay of the national team in line 92, will be of great help to the team. In particular, considering that the national team has continued to struggle with the formation of its midfield, Son’s presence as the MVP of both the K-League and Super League will be of great help.

Son Joon-ho is also preparing to return. “Son Jun-ho is now at home in Busan, and it is right to do so,” Park Dae-yeon, Son’s agency, said through the media on the 26th. “He is taking care of his mind and body by exercising lightly.”

Son’s goal to recover slowly is to find a new team and return to the national team. Son posted the post after the fourth Group C match between the Korean national soccer team and Thailand in the second Asian qualifying round for the 2026 North-Central America World Cup. Son seems to have settled down after watching the national team’s match.

If Son returns, the golden spine of Korean soccer will be fully operational, including Son Heung-min at the front line, Lee Jae-sung at the second line, Son Joon-ho at the third line, and Kim Jin-soo at the defense line. Son Joon-ho is dreaming of a new emergency after escaping from the nightmare tunnel. Attention is focusing on whether Son will be able to announce the revival of Korean soccer.

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