Who is 3 years younger than her

According to Antenna, Lee’s agency, and others on the 18th, Lee Mi-joo and Song Beom-geun are dating. Antenna asked, “We are getting to know each other carefully with good feelings. Please keep an eye on us with warm eyes.”

They are in a long-distance relationship. This is because Song is playing in the J-League. It is said that Lee even went to Yokohama, Japan to see Song. 메이저 토토사이트

In particular, there were circumstantial evidence that Lee Mi-joo and Song Bum-keun did not hide their romance. In other words, evidence of “Rubstagram” (social media couple photo) was also found everywhere, with each person eating the same food at a Japanese restaurant posted on social media.

Lee Mi-joo made her debut as a member of LOVELYZ in 2014. She is showing off her sense of entertainment in MBC TV entertainment programs “What Are You Doing When You Play?” Through this program, Lovelyz members get together again in three years. Song Beom-geun, who was a native of Jeonbuk Hyundai in the K League 1 and served as the starting goalie for the Olympic team, changed his career to the J-League from last year.

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