Who dominated the KLPGA tour for two years in 2021, 2022, has a special record.

It is Park’s winning streak for seven consecutive seasons. Marking her first year as a pro in 2017, Park has been on the list of winners every year until last year (two wins) after winning her first title at the Samchully Together Open, which was her second appearance in this season. Thus, Park has accumulated 18 wins (third place in history).

This is, of course, the longest consecutive season of the KLPGA. With Park Min-ji holding a record of seven years, Ko Woo-soon has won for six consecutive years, and the late Koo Ok-hee, Kang Chun-ja, Ryu So-yeon, and Lee Da-yeon have won for five consecutive years.

Now, if Park Min-ji kisses the trophy again this season, she will write another history of winning for eight consecutive seasons, which is an unexpected high point. 메이저 토토사이트

Park is in good condition. She tied for 12th at the opening match of the season, the “Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open” held in Singapore last week.

Park Min-ji, who did not show any significant performance until the third round, raised her ranking from 31st place by 19 notches due to her daily best performance, such as reducing seven shots without any bogeys in the final round.

While maintaining a good shot, tighten the shoelaces again.

Park Min-ji will participate in the Blue Canyon Ladies Championship, which will be held at Blue Canyon Country Club in Phuket, Thailand from the 15th.

Park Min-ji will play in a group with Kim Soo-ji, who competed for the KLPGA Grand Prize two years ago, and Thailand’s Anpichaya U-Bol.

“I have some regrets, but I think I made a good start in the opening game. It was a week of meaningful experience and learning,” Park Min-ji said of last week’s competition. “I am going to play my best in every round and every shot (this week) because I have good condition and good sense of shots. My goal is to enter the TOP 10.”

If Park adds two more wins this season, she will make a new history. It is the largest number of wins in her career. Park, who has 18 wins, is closely trailing Ku Ok-hee and Shin Ji-ae (20 wins).

“My goal is to finish the year healthy and always grateful, rather than thinking about records and performance. If I play with this mindset, I think my grades will follow,” he added.

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