Which will be held specifically for the new Russian gambling zone.

The cluster, which has a gaming venue to be located at the Gorky Gorod ski resort among several others, is designed for 400 game tables and 8,000 slot machines, taking advantage of the huge infrastructure investment and development the government has put into the Winter Olympics. Sochi will eventually replace Azov City as a gambling district in Russia’s Krasnodar region.

RGW Sochi is designed to explore and inform key elements of the region, including how it is developed, what kinds of benefits investors can receive, facilitating open dialogue between conference participants and authorities, and providing participants with information on Russian gambling legislation.

Leonid Borodin, a gambling licensing consultant at Prospectusi LTD, recently had an interview with RGW Sochi regarding bookmaking licenses in Russia. Asked if Russia needed to come up with special licensing conditions for online bookmakers, he said: “Obviously. It is generally known that Russia is a huge betting market, so it requires higher entry conditions. However, compared with other jurisdictions, the current requirements give the impression of a determined preference for the largest operators. And some of the things related to betting through means of communication require concerted action by competing companies under all market laws,” Borodin said.

Among the important and famous speakers to be addressed at the conference are representatives of the Sochi City administration, former director of the nonprofit gambling district Azov-City Development Association, Chairman Konstantin Makarov of Bingo Boom, and Sakis Darvignan, head of the Center for Digital Rights.

Among the participants in the event, booths are expected to be found at HHtex (Intech), Metteobet, ᄆᆞᆞᅳ로Professor City, KKSI Co., Ltd.

InTech was founded , and their main focus was the production and installation of video surveillance systems for casinos and betting clubs. Meteobet is a software developer for lottery tickets and gamblers. They will introduce new products for gamblers. KSI Corp is Russia’s largest game console manufacturer and operator with a special focus on slot machines for domestic and international markets. There will also be customized game and software developers, betting shop providers, etc.


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