Which is the exact opposite of what the law on the matter stipulates.

Judge James Wilson of the United States District Court supported the decision of the Carson City Supervisory Board, which allowed the now defunct Hosche Club to transfer its license to the silver bullet.

The Hosche Club began operations in 1970 and closed in 2014. The problem is that the casino facility, which is now shattered, was operating according to a different ruling.

When the casino facility in question started operating, it was not necessary to set a constant number of hotel rooms, so according to the old comprehensive legislation, the Hosche Club could operate without having to build hotel rooms.

However, the game method has undergone significant changes. In order to operate unrestricted casino facilities in Carson City, the current capital of Nevada, all casino facilities must provide at least 100 hotel rooms. Nevertheless, the new rules did not affect the Hosch club because it was already established at the time. This means that casino facilities can continue to operate without having to comply with the newly introduced rules.

The approval of the transfer of Hosche’s license to Silver Bulllet’s developers means that Silver Bulllet is allowed to operate under existing regulations, eliminating the need to build at least 100 hotel rooms. This angered other casino operators who brought the case to court.

Casino operators of Carson Nuggets, Gold Dust West and Casino Pandango, close to Silver Bullet, appear to be the main opponents of the Carson City Board of Supervisors’ decision and license transfer.

They backed up their claim with the fact that the Hosche club broke down three years ago. In addition, the casino facility has reportedly not paid for games for nearly two years. Nevertheless, Judge James Wilson explained that the Carson City Supervisory Board’s ruling is entirely within the confines of the law because it has the authority to issue a restraining order on licensing matters, including the transfer of licenses from one person to another. The Silver Bullet gaming facility explained that it would be eligible for a license if it paid for its predecessor’s fee.

This angered casino operators, who explained that it was the complete opposite of what the law stipulates, and furthermore, the ruling violates the interests of other casino operators who were required to build at least 100 hotel rooms with gambling facilities.


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