Wembenyama Decides To Compete In 2024 Olympics

According to San Antonio Spurs’ Victor Wembenyama (forward-center, 224 cm, 94 kg) will compete in the upcoming 2024 Olympics.

Wembenyama, a native of France, did not play in the recent 2023 Basketball World Cup. Because he hasn’t been on the international stage since he became an adult. He was still young and had to prepare for the NBA, so he personally lacked time.

He is going to the Olympics this summer. Because the Olympics will be held in France. France would not be able to participate in the upcoming Olympics if it were not the host country at first. France suffered a setback in the first round of the World Cup. Considering that he has performed well in international competitions, he was at least eligible to play in the final qualifying round for the Olympics. However, he lost face when he was eliminated early in the first round.

France will build a powerful frontcourt at the upcoming Olympics, at least leading to Rudy Gobert (Minnesota), Wembenyama and Nicholas Batum (Clippers). In addition, Evan Poniei (New York) can also be used to hunt for medals in his country. In addition, if Joel Embiid (Philadelphia), who acquired French nationality last year, joins the team, he will be evaluated as a power to compete for the championship.

Embiid’s joining may be premature yet, but Wembenyama’s stepping up is enough to bother the opponent. If he joins, who has a large height and a long shot range, France is in a situation enough to cheer up. It can also be of great help for existing athletes to gain a lot of experience in various competitions, including the Olympics and the World Cup.

France finished second at the last 2020 Olympics. They were in the same group with the United States in the Olympic finals, but also defeated the United States. Although he lost the final unfortunately, he won a silver medal and stood on the podium for the first time in a long time following 2000. France has won three medals at the Olympics, all of which are silver, coincidentally.

Meanwhile, Wembenyama started the last 2023 draft. He was called by San Antonio as the first pick in the first round. San Antonio has found a clear jade to lead the team again since Kawhi Leonard (Clippers) left, calling Wembenyama. He will be the main power forward for the upcoming 2023-2024 season.


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