“We will show colorful basketball like a spring flower”… Mack Orn Women’s Basketball PO

“We will show colorful basketball that fans can enjoy like flowers blooming in spring.”

With the 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball Playoffs (best-of-five, best-of-three) just around the corner, coaches and players from the four trophy-seeking teams vowed to be the “spring basketball” at the postseason media day on Friday at 텍사스홀덤사이트 Stanford Hotel Korea in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Strong favorites to win the title are Cheongju KB, which returns “national treasure” center Park Ji-soo, and defending champion Asan Wooribank. The two teams finished first and second in the league with 27-3 and 23-7 records, respectively. KB was so dominant this season that it won 15 home games in a row and clinched the regular season title after 26 games. KB head coach Kim Wan-soo has promised to make the playoffs “as blooming as the yellow forsythia, with KB in yellow uniforms.”

The key for KB will be how Park Ji-soo performs. After his dominant performance this season, Park has been the subject of intense scrutiny in spring basketball. “It’s always been like that,” Park said, “If I keep doing what I’ve been doing, the results will be the same as in the regular season.”

KB’s opponent on the road to the championship game (best-of-five series) will be Bucheon Hana OneQ, which advanced to the spring basketball for the first time since its founding. Hana OneQ dreams of an ‘underdog rebellion’ against the strongest KB. “We will work together as a team, not only with the five players but also with everyone on the bench, to quickly win three games like a colorful cherry blossom,” said Hana OneQ coach Kim Do-wan. The first match between the two teams will begin on the 9th.

Woori Bank faces Samsung Life in Yongin for a spot in the championship. Woori Bank head coach Lee Sat-woo emphasized the importance of Park Ji-hyun’s role ahead of spring basketball. “If you say that (Park) Ji-hyun has been following her sisters, she has to carry the series,” Woo said, adding, “She feels like she has a lot of things to carry as well, and she’s feeling a lot of tension and pressure, but she has to overcome it.” “I always hear a lot of questions about Woori Bank going to the championship game and whether Woori Bank will win,” Kim said, adding, “I am confident that Woori Bank will go to the championship game again and win.”

Samsung Life coach Lim Geun-bae also said he would not back down easily. “The aspirations of the players are stronger than Woori Bank’s,” Lim said, adding that he was determined to win three games before Woori Bank. An affectionate nervous battle ensued. In a five-letter declaration of war, Samsung Life’s Bae Hye-yoon said, “I’ll try to win,” and Woori Bank’s Kim Dan-bi replied, “Probably not,” to applause. The first round between the two teams will be held on the 10th. The championship match between the PO winners will begin on the 24th.

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