We only look at Hong Myung-bo and Hwang Sun-hong

Jose Mourinho (61, Portugal) is a former coach for F.C. Porto and Inter Milan. During his time at Chelsea, he led the team to become the representative club of the English Premier League. Mourinho made the club’s best performance after Alex Ferguson left the Manchester United, and he also helped Real Madrid regain its reputation by breaking the UEFA Champions League round of 16 jinx.

Mourinho received around 40 billion won (approx. When the soccer community gave such assessment that he had come down from the previous season, his annual salary was around 25 billion won (approx. The salary that Mourinho received at AS Roma is known to be around 10 billion won (approx.

Mourinho is currently unemployed. He is looking for a new job. “My goal is to be a member of the national team one day,” Mourinho said in an interview with Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European soccer transfer market. Mourinho dreams of returning to the national team this summer.

There is no possibility that Mourinho will make a connection with the Korean national soccer team, which is looking for a new head.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) cannot afford to pay Mourinho’s annual salary, which is comparable to the K-League club’s annual budget. Jurgen Klinsmann is currently agonizing over penalty that he has to pay to the former coach. The penalty that KFA has to pay to Klinsmann and his coaching staff is known to be around 10 billion won (about 9.8 million U.S. dollars).

A soccer player who is well aware of the KFA situation said, “We have to put our lives on the line to build the Cheonan Football Center,” adding, “Coach Klinsman’s penalty problem overlapped when the finances were not sufficient.”

“How great would it be if a master like Mourinho or Jurgen Klopp could lead the national team? That is impossible to achieve. I have no money to bring a world-class master. I still lack motivation to give competitive coaches in the world’s top leagues. Asia is still on the fringes. A master sometimes wants to work in the world’s best leagues every day. The national team is not attractive to those people,” said a former official.

Socceroos’ common belief is that the KFA has a fixed card that they can take out. As soon as the 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar was over, the prevailing view was that the soccer team should pursue practicality. The team should seek the 2026 North-Central America World Cup by reducing the expenses that it will pay to the new head of the national team and its coaches as much as possible. It is a low-cost, high-efficiency strategy.

23-year-old Lee Kang-in took full responsibility for the failure of the Asian Cup in Qatar. The disagreement within the national team that occurred while playing table tennis after eating is known to the world. Lee Kang-in did not go to a room salon or avoid military service because he left his accommodation during the tournament. However, the criticism against Lee Kang-in was no less than that of his seniors in the soccer community who caused a social controversy.

“We used to say, ‘A senior is equal to God,’” a former national soccer player said. “It was a time when it was taken for granted that a senior’s words were law.” Lee continued to raise his voice.

“At this time, I was beaten every day for no reason. Even in those days, problems in the team were solved by the team. If the team failed to solve the problem, adults took responsibility at the time. The big problem is that Lee discussed his wrongdoings from the outside. Lee flew to England where Son Heung-min was located and made a sincere apology. Son Heung-min accepted it. However, Lee had to lower his head once again under the pretext of apologizing to the public. Adults who needed to protect the national team players disappeared to the end.”

March 2024. The national team played two matches. It was the third and fourth rounds of the second round of the Asian regional qualifying round for the 2026 North – Central America World Cup.

Ahead of the match, multiple soccer officials said, “The two consecutive games against Thailand are really important right now. If we make a mistake in the match against Thailand, Korea’s challenge to North Korea-China World Cup could be very difficult.” “If we lose at least one of our two consecutive games against Thailand, we may not be seeded in the third qualifying round. Korea belongs to the group with Japan, Iran and Australia. This is why we tried to quickly appoint a new coach after Klinsmann’s replacement.”

Korea finished its two consecutive games against Thailand with one win and one draw. If Korea wins both away games in Singapore on June 6 and home games against China on June 11, it will be seeded in the third qualifying round.

Korea’s overcoming of the crisis was due to the sacrifice of Korean national under-23 team coach Hwang Sun-hong. Hwang will play at the AFC U-23 Championship, which will be held in Qatar from April 15 to May 3. The Korean team will have to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Korea can qualify for the Olympics only if it is in the top three. If Korea ranks fourth, it will play a playoff with the fourth-ranked team in the African region to decide who will advance to the finals.

The U-23 team participated in the 2024 WAFF U-23 Championship in Saudi Arabia during the A-match period in March. The final mock test ahead of the main examination. Korea participated in the championship without taking the top position. 토토사이트

“Hwang sacrificed himself for the sake of Korean soccer by letting go of everything in March,” a soccer source said. “He made a choice that could have ended his soccer career without any compensation.” “Hwang’s goal was to regain trust in the national team. After that, he said, “Hwang’s plan was to focus only on producing good results at the Paris Olympics.”

The KFA will hold its fifth power enhancement committee meeting on April 2. At the meeting, the KFA will continue discussions on a new coach to lead the national team.

It is very unlikely that Senol Günesch, who has shown interest in the coach position of the Korean national team several times, as well as Mourinho, will be appointed.

The KFA has completely destroyed the Japanese team system for four years and six months since the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The clear direction for Korean soccer has disappeared. Fighting spirit and determination, which were the colors of Korean soccer in the 20th century, have reappeared. Using Lee Kang-in, who was branded as the cause of the failure at the Asian Cup in Qatar, the Korean soccer community is looking for a “leader who can correct hierarchy within the national team and make an original team.”

The answer is fixed.

Adults in the soccer community pretend to care for the future of Korean soccer more than anyone else. They act as if they can make way for younger players.

Ulsan HD FC manager Hong Myung-bo is the one who has risen and fallen the most since Klinsman’s replacement.

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