U.S. media reported Lee’s trip to San Francisco on Wednesday (Korea time). The deal was more shocking than expected.

It was a “super jackpot” contract for up to six years with 113 million U.S. dollars.

It was clear that he was the best hitter in the KBO League, but not many predicted that Lee Jung-hoo would enter the Major League under such good conditions. Now, attention is focusing on what kind of team San Francisco Lee Jung-hoo will play in. It is a prestigious team belonging to the National League West. Since its establishment in 1883, it has won eight World Series championships.

When it comes to San Francisco, Barry Bonds, the “homer king,” comes to mind first. When Bonds hit 73 homers in a season in 2001, baseball fans all over the world focused on San Francisco. At that time, Park Chan-ho of the Los Angeles Dodgers gave up the 71st and 72nd records. Bonds set a personal record with 763 homers, but his value has not been recognized for his drug use.

There is also Hwang Jae-kyun (KT). He made a difficult challenge by signing a split contract with San Francisco in the 2017 season, but he pushed up to the big league and hit a home run with his determination. He hit a picturesque homerun in his Major League debut game. He returned to the KBO League after a season, but left a strong impression on the fans. Kim Byung-hyun also wore a San Francisco uniform for a short period from February to March 2010, at the end of his big league career.

It is the home stadium that represents San Francisco. Now it is Oracle Park. Oracle, an American IT company, has won the naming rights since the 2019 season. It opened as Pacific Bell Park in 2000, and it is impressive because the right outfield stands are directly connected to the McCovary Sea. When a home run ball goes over the stadium, the ball falls into the sea. Fans waiting for the baseball on boats and yachts every game create a spectacular view.

The stadium is attached to the beach, so the view from the top of the stadium is very beautiful. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most beautiful baseball stadium in the world. The neon sign of the cola bottle in the left outfield is also a specialty.메이저사이트

The stadium has a strong image as left-handed batter-friendly, probably because of Bonds or a home run to the right side of the sea. The stadium actually has a distance of only 94 meters to the right side of the fence. As a result, it can be recognized as an advantageous stadium for Lee Jung-hoo. However, it is not as “hitter-friendly” as the Colorado Rockies home stadium Coors Field, as the stadium has high walls and we cannot ignore the gusty winds from McConaughey’s home ground.

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