Typhoon Hato was actually the strongest storm on record in the region in the past 53 years, injuring hundreds and killing 16 people.

In the aftermath, casino operators began offering relief efforts, with MGM China Holdings and Sands China at the forefront of relief efforts.

MGM China Holdings will use $3.7 million to help rebuild Macau, distributing the money in the coming days and months, with the government providing guidance on how best to distribute the funds. Fancy Ho, executive director and co-chairman of MGM China Holdings Ltd., said MGM Macau employees are exceptional. Employees have spent time and effort to face challenges, and the company is ready to use their resources for a “fast and sustainable recovery” for the community.바카라사이트

Sands China is also contributing to relief efforts, starting with team members and focusing on the community. The Sands China property provided 10,000 bottles of water to team members because the family needed clean drinking water. We have also prepared a shower room so that team members can use it as needed.

Sands China has also installed cots for people who cannot go back home. These beds can be used between breaks or before and after shifts for team members who are unable to return home due to storm damage. The Sands China Care Ambassador program helped clear debris for more than 100 volunteers working Saturday. The organization also provided bottled water, cleaning kits, and meal boxes to families located near the Fai Tat building because these residents had no elevator service and water.

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