Training will be held from the 6th of next month

The Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA) Performance Improvement Committee held a meeting on the 12th and announced on the 16th that it had selected 15 national team players along with coach Atsushi Kumon and coach Asako Fujimoto.

The national team included a large number of players who played in the 36th National Softball Competition held earlier this month. 사설 토토사이트

Pitcher Kim Da-won, who led the Daegu Urban Development Corporation to the championship, Hong Si-yeon and catcher Joo Hyo-joo, infielder Choi Ga-hyun and outfielder Lee Min-jung were selected.

The Incheon Metropolitan City Sports Council, which won the runner-up prize, produced eight players. Pitchers Chosun-hee, Choi Yeon-ji, infielder Kim A-young, Lee Kyung-min, and Jang Se-jin, outfielders Kim Soo-bin, Jinju-i, and catcher Lee Seo-yoon were listed.

In addition, Seol Ga-eun and Jeong Yeon-woo (Gyeongsangnam-do Sports Council), who won the batting award at the final competition, also joined the national team.

The national team will work together for 20 days at Busan Stadium Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park Softball Stadium on the 6th of next month to boost its performance to the maximum.

“We considered various aspects such as speed and sense, attitude toward the game and age. We will continue to work with the players to improve our physical, mental and technical skills,” said national team coach Kumon.

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