Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus™ hit at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City for $1 Million.

This marks the third time a large jackpot has hit at Harrah’s Resort since Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus™ began on Monday September 26th. On Sunday, October 23rd a player won the game’s first-ever $1 Million jackpot. On Black Friday, November 25th Richard N. Wood, of Newport News, Virginia won $100,000 while playing. And now on December 18th Harrah’s Resort has given out its second $1 Million jackpot.

This most recent winner, said that she had only played Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus™ twice before and had been at the table for about two hours when she looked down and saw a Royal Flush all in the Diamond suit.

“With million dollar jackpots seemingly hitting on a monthly basis our Three Card Poker tables are overflowing with eager players,” said John Smith, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. “I can honestly say that Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus is officially the hottest game in Atlantic City and Caesars Entertainment couldn’t be prouder to be its exclusive home.”

The Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus™ is only available to Caesars, Harrah’s Resort, Bally’s, and Showboat Atlantic City customers.

The 6 Card Bonus™ side bet on Three Card Poker® gives players the chance to win $1 million with a total wager as small as $15 if they hit a Super Royal in Diamonds: 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. Additionally, $100,000 payouts will be available for the Super Royal in Hearts, Clubs or Spades.

Originally launched in Las Vegas, Atlantic City is now currently offering the opportunity to win this impressive jackpot. The game offers the first table-game payout of this size without an escalating progressive jackpot in a traditional brick and mortar casino. For years, slot players have enjoyed the opportunity to win mega-jackpots, and now, Caesars Entertainment is offering this same opportunity to table game players where any player can win, on any day, at any time, in just one hand.

To be eligible to make the 6 Card Bonus $1 million wager a player must place an ante wager and a Pair Plus wager based on the posted table minimums. The 6 Card Bonus wager is offered at $5-$100 with odds paid on all hands of 3-of-a-kind or better, except for the $100,000 and $1 million Super Royal hands, which are fixed payouts (see pay table below). 슬롯머신

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