There was no unilateral assault or anything like that.

The 2023 Cho-A Pharmaceutical Professional Baseball Awards ceremony, jointly established by Cho-A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Daily Sports, was held at the Eliena Hotel Imperial Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 4th. San Diego’s Kim Ha-sung is expressing his impression after winning the special award. The Cho-A Pharmaceutical Professional Baseball Awards, the only baseball award ceremony in Korea hosted by a pharmaceutical company, is the most prestigious festival in professional baseball that began in 2009 and marks the 15th anniversary this year. Among the 17 categories of winners, the winner of the grand prize, the highest honor, will receive 10 million won in prize money and a trophy. Jeong Jeong-jong reporter /23.12.04.
Amid a battle of truth between major leaguer Kim Ha-sung (28) and former baseball player Lim Hye-dong (27) over allegations of alcohol abuse and intimidation, a statement from a person who was present at the drinking party, which was the first foundation for conflict, came out.

On the 11th, SBS met baseball player A and reported the situation. A said, “There was a little quarrel. Meanwhile, I was hit (by Lim Hye-dong) in the face. When Ha-sung saw it, he said, ‘What are you doing?’ and grabbed each other by the collar and pushed each other.” A then said, “We were very close to each other, so we couldn’t fight each other, so we had a fight to knock each other down. There was no unilateral assault or anything like that.”

Kim Ha-sung filed a complaint with the police on the 6th and was investigated by the complainant, saying he was asked for settlement money after having a physical fight with Lim Hye-dong, a junior baseball player, at a bar in Gangnam, Seoul in February 2021. Kim Ha-sung claims that Lim Hye-dong repeatedly demanded money and valuables even after receiving a settlement of 400 million won.

Lim Hye-dong appeared on a YouTube broadcast on the 7th and claimed, “I was constantly assaulted while working as Kim Ha-sung’s manager in the United States.” Kim Ha-sung said through his legal representative the next day, “In 2021, the opposing player (Lim Hye-dong) threatened Kim Ha-sung by taking advantage of his military status and demanded money in the name of the settlement, and Kim Ha-sung paid the money on the condition that he did not contact them directly or indirectly or do all the disadvantageous things.” He also added that Lim Hye-dong violated the agreement and filed a criminal complaint to prevent further damage.

Kim Ha-sung’s agency, Summit Management, also filed an additional complaint on the 11th against Lim Hye-dong, who said he had been repeatedly assaulted by Kim Ha-sung on YouTube, for defamation charges. Kim Ha-sung has already denied the contents.

In this situation, a statement from a person who was present at the drinking party, which was the beginning of the battle for truth, came out. After the conflict at the time subsided, baseball player A looked back, saying, “(Im) Hye-dong said to Ha-sung, ‘I’m sorry I crossed the line,’ and Ha-sung also said, ‘I’m sorry that you talked too much to you and did this.’ The two made up, ate, went to a sauna, and left for the U.S. together two days later.”메이저사이트

On the 11th, Gangnam Police Station in Seoul announced that it conducted a total of four reference investigations over two days from the 8th. A is known to have made a statement to this effect as a reference on the 9th.

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