“There are enough alternatives.”

Jeju will play the fourth round home game of Hana Bank K League 1 2023 against the Pohang Steelers at 4:30 p.m. on the 30th at Jeju World Cup Stadium.

Currently, Jeju Island (4 points) ranks sixth with one win, one draw and one loss. After having one win and one draw since the season’s opening, Jeju lost 0-2 at an away match against FC Seoul in the last round. Since then, the team has undergone reorganization through a break for A matches.

Jeju’s opponent this time is Pohang (6 points). It is ranking third with two wins and one loss. Jeju is vowing to avenge Pohang.

Jeju is currently losing two games in a row against Pohang in the league. In the semifinals of last year’s FA Cup, the team also knelt down to Pohang after a close game of penalty shootout. To break the bad relationship, Kim Hak-beom prepared for the game by controlling the condition of key players and motivating new players.

Jeju aims to attack Pohang by banking on its defensive activities. Jeju ranks among the top in various defense indicators this season, including clearing (38.67 per game), aerial contention (27.33 per game), and tackle (10 per game).

Although Lim Chae-min, the captain and key defender of the game, will inevitably be absent due to disciplinary action against him, he is ready to fill the void. Yeon Je-woon is a representative player.

Yeon has excellent ability to coordinate defense and defense lines by banking on fast speed and judgment. He has also excelled in rear build-up that utilizes sophisticated kicks and passes to the point where he was appointed as a defensive midfielder in the season of his professional debut. He is second to none as a “customized partner” for Song, who has been stretching to revive in this season.

Head coach Kim Hak-beom said of Pohang, “It is a well-balanced team,” adding, “We need to break the balance of Pohang by fully demonstrating our strength of defense.” “Lim Chae-min’s absence is unfortunate, but there are alternatives, including Yeon Je-woon,” he said. “Everyone did their best to prepare during the break, so I want to make sure to bring good results against Pohang.” 먹튀검증

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