The top politician aims to extinguish the political fire on off-shore online gambling operators and eliminate scandals.

The reason for the hot political environment is the opposition of various local governments in Australia. The Western Australian government has already begun drawing up new legislation to limit Lotte Land’s activities within the Australian border. Other Australian territories are also on the verge of restricting Lotte Land. Northern Territory, on the other hand, appeared to oppose the overall trend, issuing licenses operated by Lotte Land.

This Wednesday, NT News reported that Federal Communications Minister Mitch Fifield asked the local government’s gambling regulator to motivate why it would license Lotte Land, an off-shore gambling company, and Attorney General Natasha Piles was reluctant to answer whether the Gunner government supported Lotte Land’s license. Mr Piles added that he was trying to improve the legal framework in Scotland.

Former NTCLP chief Paul Everingham said, “The government that approved Lotto Land’s license is stealing from its citizens,” adding, “The presence of Lotto West, an offshore gambling company, is known to have damaged Lotto West, which does not pay taxes on Australian players.”

Australia to take action against Lotte Land
South Australia has already banned Lotte Land to target locals, and Victoria is discussing following its predecessor’s blueprint, which Western Australia recently reportedly plans to revise gambling laws and crack down on offshore operators, including Lotte Land, which is responsible for the collapse of local small and medium-sized companies.슬롯머신

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