The SSG Pitcher Song Young-jin Gave Up 6 Runs in 1 Inning

SSG starting pitcher Song Young-jin gave up 6 runs in 1 inning… Director Lee Soong-yong’s wish collapsed

SSG Landers Younggun Song Young-jin (19) could not last even the second inning and came off the mound.

Song Young-jin started on the mound in a visiting professional baseball game against the Doosan Bears held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 23rd and collapsed after allowing 4 hits, 2 walks, and 6 runs in 1 inning.

The six runs allowed are the most by Song Young-jin, a second-year high school graduate, in a single game.

The start was refreshing. 바카라사이트

In the bottom of the first inning, Song Young-jin struck out the first batter, Soo-bin Jeong, with a 145 km/h fastball and missed swing, and caught both Yu-chan Lee and Seung-ho Kang with infield ground balls.

He ended the first inning with a three-way error, but was unable to get a single out count in the second inning.

Song Young-jin, who gave up a heavy hit to Kim Jae-hwan, walked Yang Seok-hwan, putting himself in danger of reaching first and second base with no outs.

Henry Ramos’ right-handed hit followed, and Doosan took the opportunity to load the bases with no outs.

Kim Ki-yeon attacked Song Young-jin’s fastball and hit a double heading toward Woo-sang, and Doosan took the lead by two points.

SSG pitching coach Bae Young-soo visited the mound to try to break the flow, but Song Young-jin was unable to rebound.

SSG shortstop Park Seong-han caught Jeon Min-jae’s ground ball at second and third base with no outs and blocked the runner’s movement, but Jeon Min-jae survived at first base.

Jeon Min-jae’s infield hit left the bases loaded again with no outs, and Song Young-jin gave up a walk to Cho Soo-haeng, contributing one run.

In the end, Manager Lee Soong-yong replaced the pitcher.

Choi Min-jun, who took over the mound, allowed Soo-bin Jeong to hit a timely hit to right-center field with 1 RBI and Seung-ho Kang to hit a timely hit to right-center field for 2 RBIs, increasing Song Young-jin’s number of runs to 6.

As of the 23rd, SSG’s starting lineup ranked last among the 10 clubs with an average ERA of 6.41.

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