The only 1st to 2nd R Fielder Nominated’ SSG Selected as Planned

“I came with the intention of picking a fielder in front.”

SSG selected 11 new players in the 2024 KBO rookie draft. There is something unexpected about it. In the 1st and 2nd rounds, all fielders were selected. It was planned.

SSG selected Park Ji-hwan (Segwang High School), a fielder, in the first round in the 2024 KBO rookie draft held at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul on the 14th.

Then, in the second round, outfielder Seung-min Lee (Whimoon High School) was brought in. All fielders were selected in the highest round. 지울프-토토

Among the 10 clubs, SSG is the only one. If it is unusual, it is unusual.

This draft had a good pitcher pool. There was even an evaluation that said, ‘All 10 teams can hire a pitcher who throws 150 km per hour.’ 

But SSG took a different path.

General manager Kim Seong-yong said, “It’s called a pitcher draft, but our goal was to capture number 1 or 2 fielders. 

I am satisfied. Park Ji-hwan is considered the greatest fielder. “Lee Seung-min also has great batting talent,” he said.

SSG also explained, “Considering the team’s situation, we focused on reinforcing fielders who could help the team’s strength and nominated Park Ji-hwan and Lee Seung-min in the first and second rounds, respectively.”

Park Ji-hwan said, “I can’t believe it and am really happy to have been nominated by a good club called SSG faster than expected. I am confident in my bat control and base running. 

“Even after joining the team, I want to become a player who sets an example for others by achieving good grades and working diligently,” he said of his nomination.

Seungmin Lee said, “It is an honor to be nominated to a high ranking, and I will work harder. 

“He has great confidence in his batting and wants to become a player who will leave his name in the team’s history,” he said.

From the mid-game onwards, the focus was on players who showed immediate power but were also capable of making leaps over a long period of time. 

This is a pick that takes into account the Cheongna Dome era.

Accordingly, 3rd round pitcher Park Ki-ho (Cheongju High School), 4th round pitcher Choi Hyun-seok (Busan National University of Science and Technology), 5th round infielder Jeong Jun-jae (Dongguk University), and 6th round outfielder Jeong Hyun-seung (Inha University) were selected.

Next, the nominations were completed in the following order: 7th round pitcher Park Seong-bin (Cyber ​​Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), 8th round outfielder Baek Jun-seo (Deoksu High School), 9th round pitcher Yoon Seong-bo (Songwon University), 10th round catcher Kim Gyu-min (Yeoju University), and 11th round pitcher Byeon Geon-woo (Chungam High School). .

In the 11th round, Byeon Geon-woo stands out. This season, he recorded 16 games, 51 innings, 3 wins, 1 loss, 49 strikeouts, and an ERA of 3.53. As the ace of Chungam High School, he throws fastballs approaching 150 km per hour. Not many people expected that he would be pushed to the final 110th place.

Director Kim Seong-yong said, “I was selected in the last turn. Lucky for us. He is a good pitcher. “He said he threw a lot in high school, but I think he will perform well if he is managed and raised well in the pros,” he said with a smile. 

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