The missed bull starts training 30 minutes earlier with “Warming Up → “Happy Look”

National soccer team winger Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton) came to the pitch 30 minutes before joining the team’s training at the Al-Eglah Training Center in Doha, Qatar, on the afternoon of the 21st and warmed up with his trainer.

Hwang Hee-chan suffered a cumulative injury from left hip fatigue in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he was training in early January. He was excluded from the roster of the match against Bahrain (Korea 3-1 win) on the 15th, but he stepped on the pitch wearing soccer boots for the first time on the 18th.

The second group match against Jordan was also excluded from the list, but Hwang Hee-chan’s expression among the players who went to recovery training was bright. Hwang Hee-chan, who played around two rounds of the ground before the team came out, said “Hello” to the reporters gathered. He looked in good condition, holding up a “V” with a bright smile.

Hwang Hee-chan is indispensable to the national team. He has the ability to break down the back space of the opponent with his unique daredevil and fast dribble. In the match against Jordan, where he failed to properly solve the attack, his longing for Hwang Hee-chan grew even greater.

Coach Klinsmann is also looking forward to Hwang’s return. “Hwang Hee-chan is constantly checking his physical condition as mentioned earlier. My goal is to get him back to the team training as soon as possible,” he said. “I’m gradually increasing my exercise capacity. I’m taking a cautious approach right now, but I’m monitoring the player’s condition day by day. I hope he can join the team quickly, and it’s important to constantly check his condition for now.”

In the beginning, Clinton gives him a “full rest” the next day after the game. However, he has made a slight change this time. He has decided that it is more important to quickly correct complementary points in the match against Jordan.

“His performance in the first half of the match against Jordan was quite unsatisfactory. I thought it would be better to supplement and revise it as soon as possible. Also, there is plenty of time between games. There is plenty of time to give players time to rest,” Klinsmann said.

Meanwhile, another defector occurred at the Cleansman Lake on the day. They are Lee Ki-je, who suffered a right hamstring injury, and Kim Tae-hwan, who suffered a calf injury. Lee had an MRI scan at the hospital after the match against Jordan on Tuesday. Kim Tae-hwan is committed to recovery through muscle massages at his lodging


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