The Lotte Giants are moving quickly to strengthen their front office

The Lotte Giants are moving quickly to strengthen their front office. The project starts with the addition of Bae Young-soo as the second-in-command of the scouting team.

Lotte has recently made a number of front office moves, changing the leadership of several key positions. In addition, the team has made changes to the front office and coaching staff. Bae Young-soo, who served as the pitching coach for the first team last year before moving to the second team, will join the scouting team. Bae, who will remain in charge of the second team after Kim Tae-hyung’s appointment, will focus on scouting amateur pitching prospects. He will also work with the Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan from the 2024 spring training.

Since his appointment, Park has continued to emphasize strengthening the front office.

He sees strengthening the front office as the beginning of the process of creating a system to make baseball better and build a consistently strong team. The recent personnel movements also reflected this intention, with former players being assigned to departments closely related to the field, such as operations, training, and scouting, 온라인카지노 to strengthen their expertise.

In addition, Bae Young-soo, who had only played a coaching role on the field since his retirement from active duty in 2019, was assigned to the scouting team to emphasize his field sense and expertise. The team believes that Bae Young-soo has been working with the team’s young pitchers for the past year and has acquired the know-how to understand which pitchers the team needs and how to develop them. The decision was also based on the fact that the team does not currently have a scout with pitching experience who can identify a pitcher’s growth potential. Na Seung-hyun, a former first-round pitching scout, recently moved to the position of first-team manager of operations in a personnel move. With the loss of a pitching scout, the position will be filled by Young-soo Bae.

In order to maximize Bae Young-soo’s capabilities, the club decided to deploy the scouting team and train with Chiba Lotte at the same time.

In addition to strengthening the professionalism of the front office with the proper placement of players, the club also intends to reestablish the link with Chiba Lotte that has been broken for a while. Since last year, the club has resumed exchanges with Chiba Lotte under the direction of the group.

After Mr. Park’s arrival, he set out to expand and deepen the relationship. Park, who had a deep connection with the club in his previous role as head of International Affairs, had a strong desire to revive the Chiba Lotte training program and saw Youngsoo Bae as the right person for the job. Park and Bae recently had an in-depth discussion about the position change. When it came to scouting, Bae was also willing to do so, and the change was finalized.

When contacted by OSEN on the 10th, Bae Young-soo said, “I told the club that I would like to do scouting-related work once. The club also offered me the opportunity to train with Chiba Lotte, so I took it.” “I think the manager believed in me and offered me an important position. I think it’s a great opportunity to upgrade my career.”

In February of next year, Bae will travel to Chiba Lotte Spring Camp in Japan for training.

In addition to observing Loki Sasaki, who throws a fastball in excess of 160 kilometers, Bae will also meet with Chiba Lotte manager Masato Yoshii, who was the pitching coach for the Japanese national team at this year’s World Baseball Classic (WBC), to learn more about why Japan’s pitching staff has become so strong in recent years and how to develop pitchers.

Bae Young-soo, who has been studying and thinking about how to properly utilize various tracking data, said, “I know it’s been a few years since our coach went to a training camp. I want to check the recent trends in Japan and see what kind of routines they have and how they approach and train.” “I also read Coach Yoshii’s recent book and it resonated with me a lot. I’ve always wanted to meet him, and I think I’ll be able to do that at the camp. I want to ask him a lot of questions and learn from him.”

Bae Young-soo is expected to be a “hybrid” resource, serving as both a frontline scout and an on-field coach. During spring training, he will train with Chiba Lotte, and when he returns, he will focus on scouting high school pitching prospects. After the rookie draft in September, he will return to Ziva Lotte to train again.

With the transfer of Bae Young-soo, Park has begun a project to strengthen the front office. He also took the first step to establish conditions and systems for players to grow as coaches and leaders after they retire from active duty, taking on tasks such as scouting and power analysis.

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