The Hall of Fame announced 12 new candidates for 2024 on the 21st.

The 12 new candidates include former Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre, Minnesota Twins Joe Mauer, Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Chase Utley, New York Mets third baseman David Wright, Toronto Blue Jays Jose Battista and St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Matt Halladay.

In addition, former LA Dodgers first baseman Adrian González, 200-win pitcher Bartolo Colon, catcher and designated hitter Victor Martinez, second baseman Brandon Phillips, shortstop Jose Leies and “Big Game” James Shields were eligible.

The membership of the prestigious baseball team (BBWAA) is more than 10 years old in the Major League and must be five years after retirement.

However, among the 12 candidates, Beltre, a former Dominican Republic who is likely to enter the prestigious competition in the first year of eligibility, has made 3,000 hits (3166) and won four All-Star awards and five Gold Gloves.

He recorded a career batting average of 0.286, 477 home runs and 1707 RBIs, and spent 21 years with the Dodgers, Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox, and Texas Rangers. In 21 years, Texas played the longest in eight years.

Mauer, who played for the Minnesota Twins for 15 years between 2004 and 2018, was selected as an All-Star six times. The American League batting champion also rose three times, with a batting average of 0.306-143 home runs-923 RBIs. The possibility of entering the first year of qualification is slim, but the possibility of becoming a member of the prestigious exhibition is high.

There are still 12 new candidates and 13 existing ones. In particular, Colorado Rockies legend Todd Helton gained 72.2% support last year, while closer Billy Wagner was 68.1%. Helton was 11 votes short, Wagner 11 votes short. It is also expected that he will enter the Myeongjeon Hall in 2024.

Scott Rowellen, who became an eminent member in 2023, jumped from 63.2% support in 2022 to 76.3% in 2023, putting himself in Cooperstown. The BBWAA name vote requires more than 75% support.

Gary Sheffield, who has made 509 career home runs, will be eligible for the last 10 years in 2024.

The famous vote of the American Baseball Journalists is recognized until Dec. 31. It will be announced on January 23, 2024.

Meanwhile, the results of the vote by the senior committee of directors, frontmen, and judges, not in charge of BBWAA, will be announced on December 3. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is July 21, 2024. 토토사이트 순위

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