The group is called No Casino Sudbury and is currently trying to win enough support from local residents to persuade city officials to forget the casino plan

It is recommending support for a recent plan for residents’ potential risks to a potential gathering of residents at a gambling house in January.

There are a number of reasons for opposing the construction of a full-fledged entertainment complex proposed by Canadian gambling firm Gateway Casino & Entertainment. The proposed casino has fueled concerns that gambling contributes to gambling problems and harm. Cathy Orlando, one of the organizers of Tuesday’s meeting, commented that everyone pointed out the benefits of hosting the casino, but no one explained the shortcomings.

Orlando added that the group’s mission is to open the eyes of locals and provide detailed information on the disadvantages and risks of hosting casinos in Sudbury. According to the group’s predictions, the existence of casinos can affect between 12% and 14% of the population. The group is concerned that local residents will suffer the negative aspects of the casino’s existence, while city officials will benefit. 실시간 바카라사이트

Another reason why the group opposes the construction of casinos is because of the city’s specific characteristics. Orlando explained that the casino will not attract more visitors from outside the city. She predicted that locals would visit casinos most often. In fact, the anti-casino group has been discussing the issue for two years now. Orlando added that it cannot be compared to a full casino offering all types of gambling activities.

Additional information related to the project
Supporters of the Gateway Casino Project explained that the new gambling property is aimed at pouring new money into the city’s economy and lowering unemployment. Gateway came up with the idea of building millions of full-fledged entertainment complexes in Greater Sudbury .

The entertainment complex is known to have gambling and non-gambling amenities such as hotels, restaurants, bars and business conference facilities, and city officials approved the casino business because of a proposal to build a 6,000-seat stadium with one gateway ice pad, and announced earlier this year that it should open

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