The E-Palace War also split the air inside Bayern Munich of Kim Min-jae

Munich’s Moroccan defender Nusair Mazrawi posted a picture of a large Palestinian flag on his SNS on the 16th (Korea Standard Time) and posted the phrase, “Allah will surely punish those who do evil.” Calling Israel “evil” and supporting Palestine.

However, Israeli goalkeeper Daniel Peretz is in the team. Peretz, a dual citizen of Germany and Israel, even made his debut in the Israeli national team last year.

Peretz also said on social media earlier, “My heart is with all Israelis. “I wish everyone strength (against Palestine) and take care of yourself from Palestine.”

German media “Bild” expressed concern on the 16th, saying, “Majrawi’s support for Palestine will hurt his teammate Peretz.”

Currently, many players are called up to the national teams in each country because it is the A match period, but after they are called up to the team soon, they may be blushing each other. “Bild” pointed out, “The conflict between Israel and Hamas may lead to the division of Bayern Munich.”

In other words, the aftermath of the Middle East war has even led to a crack inside a soccer team in Europe.

Meanwhile, Israel and Palestine have been in armed conflict in Gaza every day, with more than 4,000 deaths as of the 16th.


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