The Cleveland Cavaliers reinforce the experience.

According to Shams Karania, reporter of The Athletic, Cleveland signed Marcus Morris (forward, 203cm, 99kg) on the 17th (Korean time).

Cleveland signed a 10-day contract with Morris, filling the front court for a while with this contract, and at the same time, adding to the veteran’s experience.

It is questionable whether Morris will help the team right away. Because Cleveland already has a number of forwards. Max Strus, Isaac Okoro and Dean Wade are also in the lineup. Considering that Evan Mobley is a real power forward in Cleveland, the frontcourt power is definitely outstanding.

However, Cleveland’s main forwards Mobley and Struss are currently out of the lineup due to injuries. The forward’s power is not intact until they return. Wade is also excluded from the team’s power due to personal reasons. As a result, Okoro and George Niang are playing as the main players. Okoro and Niang are playing better than expected, but they could not avoid weakening their players.

This means bringing Morris in to prepare for emergencies, but with more experience. There are doubts about how much Morris will be able to contribute to the team like any other veteran, but it may not be enough to contribute to many teams with young players. No players in their 30s except Tristan Tamson and Niang are in their 13th year, on the other hand, Morris is in his mid-30s.

He played for the Philadelphia 76ers this season. He was included in the James Harden (Cliffers) trade at the beginning of the season and wore the Philadelphia jersey. He was then sent to the San Antonio Spurs ahead of the trade deadline. He was released after the trade. He played 17.2 minutes in 37 games this season, posting 6.7 points (.439.400.861) and 2.9 rebounds.

After Morris was released, there was also a possibility that he would head to the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, it seems that Minnesota did not immediately enter the recruitment race. In the meantime, Cleveland jumped in. Several clubs may not have offered contracts for the rest of the season, and Morris seems to have wanted a chance to play. 토토사이트먹튀

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