The biggest contributor to the home team’s victory in Minnesota was Rudy Govere.

Govere had a whopping 20 rebounds (two assists), recording more rebounds than points scored (16).

On the other hand, San Antonio’s French pole, Wembanyama, played an active role with 10 rebounds, 1 assist, and 12 points, but failed to prevent the team’s defeat.

In the first quarter, the “limit of confidence” was clearly revealed.

He scored two points and struggled somewhat in scoring, and he failed to win 1-1 against the opposing strikers seeking the paint zone, turning the bottom of the goal into Minnesota’s garden.

He lacked agility and activeness rather than mobility. In particular, it was very clear that he was somewhat passive in physical conditions that were good for rebounding.

The situation of 5 minutes and 30 seconds in the second quarter was typical.

The scene where he was not leaving the rebound in the defense situation, did not mark the Naz lead aimed at empty space, and was just looking at the ball was on the air. He belatedly played “girl defense” with one foot and arms extended, but naturally, he could not prevent Leeds from breaking through.

Due to a series of defensive failures due to exhaustion of physical strength, San Antonio eventually brought Wembanyama to the bench.

Then, strangely, San Antonio’s attack came to life. No, it was more appropriate to say that the defense came to life. San Antonio effectively defended its opponent’s attack and launched a counterattack, and took the lead by 48-426 points in a game that was nearing a 40-40 tie.

Wembanyama was added again with about two minutes left in the game, and San Antonio led the score 50-44. By halftime, the score was 53-46, and San Antonio had a seven-point lead.

However, in the third quarter when Wembanyama played for nine minutes, San Antonio fell behind 18-25 due to Wembanyama’s repeated “girl defense.” San Antonio, which returned the lead, tied the score 71-71.

There was no reversal in the fourth quarter. In terms of scoring, Wembanyama appeared to be fighting hard, scoring a combined six points in the 1-2-3 quarter, but this time, Minnesota, which had no time for Wembanyama to defend, won an overwhelming 31-23 fourth quarter.

In the end, Minnesota won the game 102-94 in the fourth quarter. It was a disappointing game if Wembanyama, who was showing “girl defense,” had played a little more aggressively until halftime. 토토사이트 추천

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