The 5th starter is the final audition today

Kiwoom manager Hong Won-ki said in a phone call with Sports Seoul on the 18th, “Cho Young-gun (23), who has been confirmed to enter the starting position, has moved away from the starting competition for the time being due to a hamstring injury.” Right-handed pitchers Ha Young-min (29) and Kim Sun-ki (33) have been confirmed as Korean starters along with Cho Young-gun.

Cho Young-gun suffered a left hamstring injury during the home base cover process against SSG on the 15th. A Kiwoom official said, “Cho Young-gun has joined the rehabilitation group now, and it will take about five to six weeks to return.”

With Cho Young-gun’s fall, Kiwoom has confirmed only four starters to take charge of the KBO League in 2024, including two foreign pitchers (Ariel Furado, Enmanuel de Heysus), Ha Young-min and Kim Sun-ki.

Cho Young-gun, who wore the burgundy uniform for the second round of the Nexen Heroes (現 Raising) in 2019, left the team for a while to serve in the military after the 2021 season. After being discharged from the military on Aug. 21, 2023, he pitched in six games in the second half of the season, recording an ERA of 0.00 during 6.2 innings, continuing his scoreless streak.

Cho Young-gun, who entered the race to become a starting pitcher ahead of this season, showed poor performance by allowing eight runs (seven earned) in 4.1 innings at an exhibition game of the KBO League in 2024. He also got injuries, and he has overcome his disappointment.

There is only one final starting spot left. “The exhibition game against LG on May 19 will be the final test site for the remaining starting position,” Hong said. Kim Sun-ki will start the exhibition game between LG and Jamsil on May 19. Pitchers coming up after Kim are expected to be subject to the final inspection.

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