The 48-year-old was arrested by Chinese police in November, later arrested by Macau’s Kolokatan Prison, and later formally charged in Macau.

Incredible accusations:

China reported that it had arrested more than 100,000 people on evidence released .By conducting public gambling activities in Macau, it is known that they are engaged in illegal gambling activities such as “Others” that engage in illegal gambling activities.

However, the universe was widespread in the coating round, where the ‘table’ is located in the ‘coating’ under the table.In the past, the enforcement officer was known to have been involved in all VIP halls in Macau and all VIP halls through concessions in Macau.

Space said prosecution investigators.

“Whether law enforcement officers were involved in betting on guests or there’s a law enforcement officer under the table,” there will be a sleaze among gamblers.Language commitments are not cash transactions or otherwise legal personality or otherwise legal personality.

Defined defense:

Despite this stance, Shaw claimed he was not involved in gambling with customers and was reportedly unfamiliar with “gambling and gambling” with SunCity Group.Companies in Macau are often said to be able to promote wealthy foreign gamblers in mainland China, including wealthy foreign gamblers, including such VIPs.바카라사이트

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