“Thanks to Coach Lee Ho-joon”…2G consecutive cannon blasts! Moon Bo-kyung was busy spinning the ‘ball’

“Thanks to Coach Lee Ho-joon’s help” Moon Bo-Gyeong of LG Twins was the third baseman and sixth in the Doosan Bears-Jamsil match of Shinhan Bank SOL KBO 2023 in Game 8 of the season at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul 텍사스홀덤 on the 28th. He started out as a golfer and went up with two hits in four at-bats, three RBIs, two runs and one walk.

Moon Bo-kyung, who had also hit a home run the previous day (27th), showed his superfluousness two days in a row. Moon Bo-kyung scored a hit against Raul Alcantara, Raul Ace in the first at-bat at the top of the second inning with a 2-0 lead. He was sorry he couldn’t make grades, but he got off to a good start. And in the second at-bat, a decisive blow came from the start of the game to take the victory.

Moon Bo-kyung found Alcantara again with a chance to score with 2nd and 2nd bases at the top of the 3rd inning, with a narrow lead of 2-1. Moon Bo-gyeong’s hit ball spread at a speed of 164.1 km and led to a three-run home run that crossed the right fence. With his fourth home run of the season, the distance was 114.6 meters.

Moon Bo-gyeong, who scored hits in both the second and third rounds, did not produce a hit in the fourth at-bat in the seventh round with a chance to score with second and second base. However, he showed his presence once again at the end of the game. He got a straight walk against Doosan Kim Jeong-woo in the 9th inning with a 7-2 lead, and a chance to run on second base. Moon Bo-kyung’s role as a ‘link connection’ served as the starting point for Choi Seung-min’s first hit and RBI, and Moon Bo-kyung finished the game in a good mood by scoring a home run on Shin Min-jae’s turn at the right time.

After the game, Moon Bo-kyung said, “The home run in two consecutive games seems to have performed well because coach Lee Ho-jun helped a lot during training.” I was thinking about it, but the ball I thought I got in and I took it with confidence led to good results,” he smiled.

Moon Bo-kyung continued, “There have been mistakes lately, but it was a lot of help that (Oh) Ji-hwan and (Hong) Chang-ki made me feel comfortable with kind words and jokes. Looks like working on the game also led to good results.”

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