Thank you for giving me a chance to pitch the LG Twins home game.

“I usually eat more than 20 servings of meat, but I will cheer hard so that the players can score a lot with a hotter performance than this,” he said. 안전놀이터

On the 12th, Shim Hye-min and Song Ji-yu, who participated in the LG Twins Cheerleading School, will hold the first pitch and hit. During the cleaning time, about 60 Elin participants at the LG Twins Cheerleading School will perform as “Invincible LG” and “To You.”

On the 13th, Bibi, who is active in various fields such as singing, acting, and entertainment, will throw the first pitch. Bibi said, “It’s my first time pitching, so I’m excited and nervous. “As much as you gave me such a good opportunity, I will be honored and prepare hard for the victory of the LG Twins,” he said.

Meanwhile, the main character of the three consecutive home photo cards is Kim Yoon-sik, and fans who have picked a special card among the photo cards will be given a ticket link gift certificate.

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