TCS John Huxley urges upcoming review of G2E Asia

TCS John Huxley wrote a strong message asking for the upcoming Global Game Exhibition (G2E) Asian event to be postponed or canceled further due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Stoke-on-Trent-based company released an ‘open letter to the industry’ yesterday, asking exhibition organizers Reed Exhibition to abandon its 2020 Asian annual event or change its date to the ‘end of the year at the earliest’.

The 13th leg of the three-day G2E Asia was originally scheduled to begin on May 19 in Macao, Venice, but has since been tentatively rescheduled for July 28-30. TCS John Huxley’s correspondence has asked that the ongoing threat of the coronavirus outbreak, which has so far killed more than 22,000 people around the world, means that all decisions about the upcoming exhibition must now be ‘based on the safety, health and wellbeing of our customers and employees’.

Using the letter, it declared that as G2E Asia’s industries face ‘difficult trading times’, ‘very few operators other than Macau’ believe they will be able to attend this year’s rescheduling of G2E Asia. He also asked potential participants to ask themselves if the trade show is currently ‘commercially viable’ given that business is ‘difficult to move goods around the world’ for the time being.

“It is ridiculous to host a show in such a situation, combined with sheer folly and corporate profiteering. We are therefore encouraging other exhibitors and industry experts to take a stand and support the show moving to the end of the year at the earliest. Now is the time for all of us to work together to highlight the need for a smart approach that is both viable and beneficial to all at the Reed exhibition.”


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