Summit Ascent Holdings Ltd reported first-half earnings submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at $26.1 million.

Half-year interim reports showed the company posted a modest profit but nearly the same amount of losses this year. Profits shifted to a six-month deficit from about $703,000 to about $690,180 online, not related to Russian casino operations. Last year’s profits were partly attributed to the disposal of a share of the non-game business in the first half. 슬롯게임

Casinos saw their rolling chip sales more than double last year, from $350 million to more than $1 billion. “Rolling chip” means the amount of money to hang a high roller on the table. Sales of the measure, centered on VIP customers in Northeast Asia, rose 48% to $10,186,540 in the first six months from about $6.9 million.

“Overall, volume transactions have decreased slightly compared to the period,” the company said in a filing, according to a report on GGRAcia. “Mostly because foreign bills cannot be used to determine the outcome of a game under current Russian law. This has discouraged many of our Asian customers from making significant bets on bulk transactions.”

Without considering Siberia’s winter, popular games will increase significantly in the future due to the implementation of the simplified visa system that took effect in August. The document noted that foreigners from 18 countries can now visit and apply upon arrival. The company said, “With the increase in flight connections and the continued efforts of the Russian government to promote the Russian Far East as a tourist destination, the [visa system] will accelerate already explosive foreign tourism growth.”

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