Studio City Macau Phase 2 Construction Begins

In Macau, the famous casino operator Melco International Development Limited has reportedly announced that it has begun the second phase of construction of the huge Studio City Macau concert hall.

The Hong Kong-listed company said in an official filing Monday it plans to spend $1.35 billion to $1.41 billion now to expand its 1,600-room Kotai Streep property and hopes to complete all related work in just over 24 months.

Melco International Development Limited opened the first phase of its $3.2 billion Studio City Macao in October 2015 and currently manages venue operations through its Melco Resorts and Entertainment Limited subsidiary. The company further stated that the second phase of the iconic building includes a pair of hotel towers with about 900 spare rooms, facilities for exhibitions and conferences, and ‘one of the largest indoor water parks in the world’.

Melco International also said the company had already spent about $87 million of its total budget on Macau’s Phase 2 development plans and designs to be built as part of a deal that is now said to be worth about $836 million.

Hong Kong-based Melco International Development Limited has reportedly gone further, saying the recent local delays due to the coronavirus shutdown mean there is “no guarantee” that all work on Studio City Macau expansion has been completed by the expiration of the May 31, 2022 deadline imposed by the government-imposed by the government. Afterwards, the casino company reportedly declared it had no choice but to ask the Macau government to set a new and extended blocking date if it needed more time.

“We estimated the construction period of the remaining projects before the coronavirus outbreak to be approximately 32 months. The construction period may be delayed due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak, which could be extended by more than 32 months expected. If additional time is required to complete development of the remaining land in Studio City Macau, an extension of the relevant development period must be applied, which must be reviewed and approved at the discretion of the Macau government.”

In addition, Melco International used this document to explain that it has begun extensive inspections of the adjacent 290-room Nuwa facility.


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