SSG, ‘reorganization of the squad’, ‘harsh behavior’, and six other members, including Lee Keo-yeon, have been released, ·· 2nd-tier coaches have been formed

SSG Landers, which has been reorganizing its squad, including generational change, notified six players of its release.

SSG announced on the 15th, “We will notify pitchers Cho Kang-hee, Gil-seok, Kang Mae-sung, and fielders Jeon Jin-woo, Lee Keo-yeon, and Kim Gyu-nam of not being able to renew their contracts and reorganize the team.”

The most notable name is Lee Keo-yeon.

SSG suffered abuse and assault in the 2nd Army in July. At that time, Lee Keo-yeon gathered junior players at Ganghwa SSG Futures Field, the accommodation of the second-tier team, and tried to get together as a group, taking issue with the rookie player’s behavior. Since then, Lee Won-joon has been assaulted by A player twice in the buttocks with a bat.

SSG took measures to release Lee Won-joon, and Lee Keo-yeon and Choi Sang-min, who ordered him to do so, were each suspended from 30 games by the KBO (Korea Baseball Commission).

Lee Keo-yeon has been in the Futures (second division) league since September, but he couldn’t avoid the blade of release.

Lee Keo-yeon, a native of Hongik University, is an infielder who joined the SK Wyverns in the second round of the 9th round in 2020 and played eight games in the first division, raising his batting average of 0.125 . His career in the Futures League is .275 batting average in 134 games.

Cho Kang-hee, Gil-seok, Kang Mae-sung, and Jeon Jin-woo, who have joined the team for one to five years, leave the team without even making their debut in the first division

On the same day, the Futures coaching staff was reorganized. Kim Yi-seul (former Yulgok High School coach), Yang Ji-hoon (former Samsung front), Koo Bon-hak (former LG coach), and Shin Dong-hoon (former Lotte player) will join the second-tier team. “The key to this reorganization is the recruitment and composition of coaches and the establishment of a strength part that will carry out the direction of the club’s development based on sports science,” the club said

As a result, the Futures coaching staff for the 2024 season consists of coach Son Si-heon, pitching coach Kim Dong-ho, bullpen coach Kim Yi-seul, batting coach Oh Joon-hyuk, operation and base coach Yoon Jae-guk, battery coach Jung Jin-sik, Lee Hyung-sam, conditioning coach Yoon In-deuk, Koo Bon-hak, and Shin Dong-hoon, coaches of Strens. Yang Ji-hoon, pitching coach, Lee Yoon-jae, fielding coach, and conditioning coach Kim Ki-tae will be in charge of the remaining group. A defensive coach will be appointed later.

SSG, which terminated its contract with head coach Kim Won-hyung, is eager to reorganize its off-season squad. SSG, which had the highest average age in the first division this year, judged that changes and innovations such as overall team operation and generational change of players were needed to continue to develop.

SSG will soon finalize the appointment of its head coach and announce a new director


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