Spalletti hits back at ‘unqualified’ question, “What’s your name?” question number four

The Italian national team led by Coach Luciano Spaletti lost 0-2 to Switzerland in the round of 16 against the Swiss team in Euro 2024 at the Olympia Stadion Berlin in Berlin, Germany on Thursday. Italy lost consecutive goals to Swiss team Remo Freuler and Ruben Vargas without scoring a single goal. The defending champion was kneeling down to the dark horse of the upcoming event. Italy, which is undergoing a generational transition, failed to overcome the limits.

Spaletti took the helm of the Italian national team after leading the Neapolitan legend, but suffered humiliation in his first major tournament. He couldn’t raise his head properly. He apologized for Italy’s elimination and vowed to take responsibility. Spaletti said, “I have all responsibilities. We have failed. This failure is not up to the players. I will take responsibility for it all.”

However, he can’t stand poor questioning. “After Italy’s Euro elimination, Spaletti criticized a journalist for asking poor questioning,” Spain’s As said in a video clip of the press conference.

What was the question? One reporter asked this question.토토사이트 추천

“Italy was like a Fiat panda, Switzerland was like a Ferrari. What do you think?”

Then, Spalletti replied, “You have to accept everything you lose. So I can say you are right. Switzerland was a better team than Italy. Switzerland won the game. We will accept the result and Italy will strive for a better future.”

Then he frowned and asked, “What’s your name?” When the reporter did not immediately respond, Spalletti asked “What’s your name?” three times more. He asked his name four times in total. It was a counterattack on this rude question.

When the reporter revealed his affiliation and name, Spaletti gave a meaningful smile and a thumbs up. The meaning of this thumb is easily inferred.

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