Soyoung unnie” who collapsed on the court after scoring for 1 point.

Chung won the set score 3-1 (25-22 20-25 25-20 25-23) in the fourth round away game against Korea Expressway Corporation of the 2023-2024 Dodram V League at Gimcheon Gymnasium on the 1st.

With the victory, Chung has narrowed the gap with fourth-ranked IBK Industrial Bank to four points with 27 points.

In the first set match, a long rally took place for about one minute. Lee So-young attempted to open when Lee served as the head of the court was leading 19-17. Then again, she blocked Jeon at the quick open, threw her body at the open when Tanacha opened, successfully played a dig, and successfully played an open attack by Lee after Yeom Hye-sun’s set, and an open attack when Yeom Hye-sun’s set.

After Lee’s attack, she lay down on the court. She scored one point with tremendous concentration, and she struggled physically than anyone else due to long rallies. Park approached Lee, who was lying on the court for a while, smiling and extending her hand to arouse Lee, who also showed a smile on her face.

Lee So-young, who returned after a shoulder injury, contributed to the team’s victory with a 25-point attack success rate of 3.14% and receiving efficiency of 45.95% against the Korea Expressway Corporation.

After Lee first stepped on the court on Nov. 9, she replaced and started, but she has not displayed a great performance so far. However, she returned to her perfect self in the match against Korea Expressway Corporation on Nov. 1.

After the game, coach Ko Hee-jin also said, “(Lee So-young) is a player who can play that role. If he takes responsibility and releases the game, he will be greatly helped to play in the remaining games.”

Jeong Kwan-eun led the team to victory with 30 points for Jia, 25 points for Lee So-young, 12 points for Jung Ho-young and 8 points for Mega. The Korea Expressway Corporation did not prevent the defeat, although Buririch scored 35 points, Tanacha scored 13 points, and Bae Yuna scored 11.

Chung Kwan-kwan, who laughed with Lee So-young’s perfect revival, will try to win consecutive games against GS Caltex in Daejeon on the 6th.


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