SK Hawks defeat Chungnam-do to secure 2nd place in regular season, keep pace with leaders

The SK Hawks clinched second place in the regular season with a win over Chungnam Province.

The SK Hawks defeated Chungnam-do 22-17 on Thursday in the third game of the fifth round of the Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 Handball H League Men’s Division at the Seo-gu Light Go-eul Gymnasium in Gwangju, South Korea.

The SK Hawks clinched second place with 15 wins, two draws and six losses for 32 points, three points behind leader Doosan. Chungnam Province, which had been on a roll entering the fifth round with two straight wins, dropped to fifth place with 18 points from five games and 10 wins.

The SK Hawks earned the win to complete a five-game sweep of the Chungnam National Team. SK Hawks goalkeeper Yunus was the star of the show as he made more saves than goals. While Chungnam provincial government played well on defense, their inability to get past Yunus in attack cost them the game.

The first half got off to a frustrating start, as Chungnam failed to break through the SK Hawks’ defense and were repeatedly stopped by the Yunus goalkeeper. The SK Hawks also struggled with the Chungnam government’s defense, but they persisted and found the back of the net to take a 5-2 lead.

Chungnam Provincial Government tried to break through the center, but the SK Hawks’ cooperative defense prevented them from doing so. The SK Hawks continued to attack with Jang Dong-hyun leading the way.

Chungnam Provincial Government was unable to completely break through the defense and took a shot, which was saved by the Yunus goalkeeper. The SK Hawks ended the first half with a 13-8 lead, as players scored evenly.

The second half was no different, with both teams’ defenses making saves. Chungnam proved to be the better defensive team, but were unable to find the back of the net as their attacks were repeatedly stopped by the Yunus goalkeeper.

The SKhawks were unable to extend the gap further due to a goalkeeping save and a miscue, but a quick fast break made it 19-12. Chungnam National University tried to close the gap with a steal and a fast break, but time ran 메이저토토사이트 out. The SK Hawks closed out the set 22-17.

The SK Hawks were led offensively by Jang Dong-hyun with six goals and Yeon Min-mo with four, while Yunus’ goalkeeper made 20 saves for a 60% save percentage. Yunus was named the game’s MVP. Jang Dong-hyun reached the 400-goal mark for his 17th career goal, while Lim Jae-seo reached the 300-goal mark for his 28th career goal.

Chungnam led the offense with four goals from Nam Nam-wook, three goals each from Park Sung-han and Oh Hwang-je, and 12 saves from goalkeeper Yoon Byeong-beom.

Jang Dong-hyun, who scored six goals to lead the SK Hawks to victory, said, “I prepared a lot for this game because it was a game that could decide the standings, but it came out well and it worked out easily.” “I didn’t expect to reach 400 career goals, but I will try to reach 500 goals as soon as possible,” he said.

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